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Black Dildos

Shop for black dildos privately online on our site. Vibrating & non-vibrating black realistic dildos for women (and not only!) looking for the perfect sex buddy. Our black color penis dildos come in a variety of sizes and shades of black to assure everyone can find their favorite style.

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Get the Most Pleasurable Experience with Black Dildos

Have you been searching for the perfect black dildo that feels awesome and will improve your sex life, but can't seem to find any? Look no further! At Adult Toy Shop, we have a wide range of black dildos, all in different shapes, sizes, and even shades of black, so that you can be sure the one you choose to add to your cart will truly be the best decision.

Vibration or No Vibration - That's the Question

While most people are satisfied with just a regular dildo, some crave additional sensation or features that would make using the sex toy more comfortable. If you're one of them, worry not, as we definitely have something for you on our website.

A number of our black dildos come with a motor installed inside of them to increase your sexual satisfaction and pleasure. Take as an example the Shane Diesel Dildo Vibrator, which has a motor located underneath the head. It comes with a controller that you can use to switch it on and off, three speeds, and six vibration patterns. And the fact that it's a replica of the huge penis and balls of one of the most desired adult movie performers makes it even better! Who didn't fantasize about having sex with a porn star at least once? Now you can make it a reality.

What about a Suction Cup?

Even though having a dildo that you can keep in your hand while you give yourself one or two orgasms is great, sometimes you just want something that will stay in place without you having to put in any work while you bring yourself over the edge. In those moments, having a big black dildo with a suction cup base is godsent. Thankfully, the majority of the big black dildos on our page come with suction cups, so you can use them wherever and wherever you please.

Buying Your First Dildo

If this will be your first dildo, let us give you a piece of advice. Always do your research before you commit to buying one. What is a dildo? There is so much diversity (even when talking about just black dildos) that it's important you know what you're buying. We recommend checking out our dildo guide, which will tell you everything you need to know, starting from what is a dildo, to what they are used for and what materials are typically used to make one.

Black dildo
The quintessential black dildo.

Using a Black Dildo

The way you use and take care of your black dildo is important - after all, the only thing you want to bring to yourself is pleasure and not harm. Here are a few tips on how to use and clean your black dildo:

  • Remember about lube! Even if you're aroused, using lube will ensure that the dildo will be inserted effortlessly and in a secure way.
  • Think about the position. While you can use your dildo in many different positions (especially if your sex toy comes with a suction cup), one of the easiest ones is with a pillow under your buttcheeks.
  • Are you planning on using your black dildo for anal sex? In that case, you should choose one of the smaller ones, especially if you haven't tried it before. Then, you can make your way up to a larger one.
  • Clean it often and properly. As far as taking care of your sex toy goes, this is probably the most important point we can make. Always remember about cleaning your sex toys, whether it's a black dildo, a glass dildo, a butt plug, or something else. Otherwise, bacteria might build up on its surface. Also, keep in mind that different black dildos might need to be cleaned using different cleaning agents, as otherwise, they might become damaged.
  • Don't mix anal and vaginal sex. We don't mean that you shouldn't do both during one "self-care session" - however, remember that before you switch from one to the other, you need to clean your sex toy or change the condom if you're using one. After all, note that you'd do the same when having sex with another person, so don't overlook it.

Buy Black Dildos Today!

Why deprive yourself of pleasure for longer? Get one of our black dildos today and experience sensations you haven't before. And if you're worried about packing, you don't have to be - we understand that some of our clients value privacy when purchasing adult sex toys, which is why we offer discreet shipping. No matter what you purchase, we will deliver it in packaging that won't disclose the contents.

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