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How to Put on a Penis Sleeve: The Cock Sleeve Users Guide

How to Put on a Penis Sleeve: The Cock Sleeve Users Guide

Last Updated on March 6, 2024

Have you ever considered using a penis sleeve to spice up the sex life?

If you're interested in making sex feel different, extending your erection girth and trying something new with your partner, you're about to embark on an exciting sexual adventure.

Knowing how to put on a cock sleeve will unlock the sexual pleasure and shared orgasmic joys of a unique sexual enhancer for couples that will leave a lasting impact in the bedroom.

In this complete cock sleeve buyers guide and tutorial, I'll cover everything you've ever wanted to know including the basic question what is a penis sleeve and how to put on a penis sleeve.

There is a full tutorial and step by step instructions and a video demo on how to use a penis sleeve. I'll explain how they work, what does sex with a penis sleeve feel like, and the most important question of all: What do women think of penis sleeves?

I've also added penis sleeve video reviews & comparisons to the tutorial explaining ways to comfortably use a cock sleeve to make your experience more enjoyable. We'll also explore options for men with ED who need extra support.

If you're seeking a unique male sex toy then look no further than one of these exciting realistic penis extenders for men to make penetrative sex more enjoyable.

What is a Penis Sleeve?

The penis sleeve is a sheath that fits over an erection to increase sexual pleasure during intercourse. Some cock sleeves feel like realistic skin, others are large or padded to add huge girth, and some are thin and textured silicone to add extra sensation during sex.

Penis sleeves are also used to prevent premature ejaculation. The padded sleeve removes some of the sensations of intercourse delaying the male orgasm effectively making sex last longer.

This sheath slides over the dick like a condom and stretches to accommodate all sizes. They are “one size fits all” and originally designed to fit every man, but in our experience, some are naturally big & thick and better suited for guys with a large dick, others are short & thin and better suited for men with a small penis.

Some dick sleeves even vibrate! The erotic stimulation from a vibrating cock sleeve is shared by both partners during sex. A vibrating penis sleeve can provide either internal vaginal vibration or external vibration on his testicles.

In this case, a tiny vibrator can be placed on the ball strap for vibration on the female perineum, clitoris and also the wearer's scrotum. It's a subtle yet exciting orgasmic enhancement to boost sexual pleasure.

6 Inch Penis Sleeve

6 Inch Penis Sleeve - $22

A popular choice for first timers who are curious what a penis sleeve feels like.

8 Inch Penis Sleeve

8 Inch Penis Sleeve - $27

Soft padded tip adds length and a comfy ball strap base keeps everything in place.

How to Use a Penis Sleeve

Most men interested in using a penis sleeve wear it over their erection during sex, but some men use them as masturbation toy and stroke them over their cock similar to the way a guy would use a male masturbation sleeve to jerk off.

This is an acceptable way to use a penis sleeve and a preferred sex toy for men who like a tight fitting stroker device for masturbation.

First however we should return to the original intended reason why a man would use a penis sleeve and offer step by step instructions on how to use a penis sleeve for penetrative sex:

  1. Put on the penis sleeve (instructions immediately below).
  2. Lubricate the tip & sides of the device.
  3. Lubricate your partner's labia & vagina well with water based lubricant.
  4. Spread her lips and slowly insert your dick. (Don't push it in too quickly or you can stress the material).
  5. If the toy has a 1 inch or more extender on the tip to add length, hold the tip with your fingers to maneuver it into the vagina. It may buckle if you do not offer a helping hand!
  6. Once inserted, move slowly in & out to spread the lubricant even across the surface of the sheath and inside her vagina.
  7. Once you feel minimal friction and she notes it feels slippery, proceed and enjoy sex!

Pro Tip: It's especially important to use more lubrication with the extra large or thick penis sleeves because as you penetrate your partner, friction causes the material to stretch, especially around the head.

Over time, this can cause micro cracks and tear the material. Once a sheath develops a tear, it typically spreads throughout the length of the device very quickly and is no longer wearable.

Ribbed Cock Sleeve

Ribbed Cock Sleeve - $15

An open tip cock sleeve with ball strap adds stimulation without removing all sensations during sex.

Size Matters Realistic Extender

Size Matters Extender - $55

The most realistic penis extension sleeve for men with soft curved tip for easy vaginal insertion.

How to Use a Cock Sleeve Comfortably

To make using a cock sleeve comfortable for the partner, lube is a must. Water based lube reduces friction upon vaginal insertion and prevents the cock sleeve from tearing from stress upon entry.

Of all the steps above, I must reinforce the importance of sexual lubrication. You'll notice all the penis sex toy sleeves shown in my cock sleeves & extensions review do not include lubricant.

This is purposeful so that each customer can select their own separately. You want to place utmost importance on using the best penis sleeve with more lubrication than you would with regular vaginal or anal sex.

If you purchase an open ended sleeve for the penis with an open tip, it can feel like it pushes downwards towards your balls and exposes your head too much during initial penetration. If this is the case, try warming her up by using a vibrator first to relax the vagina so your wide girth can enter her vagina without compacting the open ended or open tip sleeve.

Cock Sleeve Profiles
Cock Sleeve Profiles

In my instructions on how to use a cock sleeve above, I elaborate specifically on the use of water based lubricant.

Avoid silicone based lube because most dick sleeves are made of silicone, especially the life like feeling or most realistic looking versions. The two silicone formulas can react with each other and cause the surface of the toy to melt and become disfigured over time.

The instructions are slightly different with vibrating cock sleeves. There is so much to talk about that I've created a unique dedicated users guide explaining everything there is to know about what is a cock sleeve that vibrates including a breakdown of the various types & features.

Video Demo on How to Put on a Penis Sleeve

Before I begin, I must mention I've read false information online stating that a guy should fully lubricate the interior before putting it on. After having penis sleeve sex with my husband and hearing reviews and first hand feedback from male customers, making the inside sloppy wet causes it to be slippery and move around when being used with your partner.

Unless you have a rubber, silicone or gel sleeve with minimal stretch, it's advisable not to make the interior too wet. The realistic skin or extra soft enhancers slide over the erection without discomfort on their own and keep them as dry as possible on the inside.

You'll need to lube up the stiffer products to reduce friction with the skin, but only use a small dab, don't make it totally wet.

In the penis sleeve video demo, you can watch the steps on how to put on a penis sleeve completed in real time. Looking at pictures, it's difficult to determine how flexible and malleable the device feels, but in the video you can clearly see it easily rolls and fits over the cock. The dildo used in the video demonstration is close to the average male erection size.

Pro Tip: Do not put too much lube inside the sheath. It is is too wet, it may slide around or even slip off during penetrative sex. Focus your lube application on the exterior, especially around the tip for frictionless vaginal entry.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Put on a Cock Sleeve:

  1. Your dick should be erect before putting on the sleeve.
  2. If the sleeve is rubber, gel or stiff silicone, spread a few drops of lube inside with your finger.
  3. If the sleeve is flexible / realistic skin, do not apply lubricant.
  4. Stretch the bottom opening and roll it outwards with your fingers.
  5. With the sleeve held open, slide it over your dick until your head reaches the end.
  6. Unroll the sheath down your shaft.
  7. Feed the sides further down to the base of your erection with both hands.
  8. Line up the features and shape of the tip with your dick.
  9. If there is a ball strap, place it around your testicles now.
  10. Thoroughly lubricate the head & shaft with water based lube before having sex.

Important Note: If you have a latex penis sleeve, it must be "rolled" down your erection exactly like you're putting on a condom. Do not follow the steps above because if you stretch the opening wide with your fingers, the latex will tear.

How Do Penis Sleeves Work?

This is a loaded question, because it depends on what you're using it for! If you're asking do penis sleeves work to improve sexual intercourse in your relationship, the answer is yes, that is exactly what they are designed for!

If you're asking how do cock sleeves work for masturbation, they are not as suitable as a regular male sex toy or stroker device but if you really like it tight feeling, this may be the toy that best suits your personal needs.

Ultimate Extender Sleeve
Our most popular sleeve with ball strap.

Do dick sleeves enlarge your penis?

No, that is not what they are made for. Enlargement is temporary, if you wear a huge penis sleeve with extra girth, you'll have a wide, fat cock that rivals the size options of her dildos or vibrators, but as soon as you remove it, your dick goes back to its regular penis size. There are never permanent size gains by wearing a cock sleeve.

Can silicone penis sleeves be used as a contraceptive?

Absolutely not! They are not a barrier during intercourse so a condom should be worn underneath at all times. Safe sex is important, we cannot stress that enough! They are neither a form of contraceptives nor prevent STD's.

The bonus feature to wearing a condom underneath: You don't need to wash cum out of the interior. Simply wash the exterior and then throw the condom away. No concerns about spilling ejaculate on the floor by mistake!

What is a Cock Sleeve For?

Is it only for sex? Can it be used for masturbation? If we consider how to use a cock sleeve, we'll quickly make the connection to what is a penis sleeve used for. It is intended to improve sexual pleasure, but can be enjoyed as a solo male sex toy.

A loose fitting toy can certainly be used for masturbation, just like a typical male masturbator sleeve! Stroke it up and down the shaft, but make sure to lubricate it first because friction will tear or stretch the surface.

Why do Men Use a Penis Sleeve?

Guys will buy a penis sleeve for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Makes the erection bigger
  • Adds diameter & girth
  • Adds texture & shape
  • Stimulates both partners
  • Reduces sensation for him to prevent premature ejaculation
  • Spices up ordinary sex, commonly used by long term married couples
  • Extenders with vibration intensify orgasms
  • Contains ejaculate after male orgasm and prevents spills
Extra Thick Penis Sleeve
Our thickest penis sleeve for massive girth.

Do Women Like Penis Sleeves?

This is the area where I can offer my real world expertise, reviews and opinion. Men often ask if women like penis sleeves because it's not the same type of adult toy as a dildo or vibrator. They are more of a male oriented sexual enhancer, but obviously the woman will have equal part in the pleasure.

So do women really like cock sleeves? Yes, women like penis sleeves, but it's the exact type chosen that determines the level of her enjoyment. Add a cock ring to boost her intimate pleasure too.

For example, if your wife is a size queen and loves huge dildos, then purchasing one of the large sleeves will satisfy her erotic desired for large girth fetish sex.

If you're a long term happily married couple and sex is boring and routine, purchasing a medium sized realistic penis sleeve will add an entirely new sensation of realism during intercourse that truly refreshes her intimate pleasure.

If you try a ribbed, G-spot, studded or bumpy penis extender, it feels similar to a ribbed condom or dildo. If your girlfriend likes textured sex toys or cock rings, she'll absolutely adore this type of penis sheath. Most women love texture, but not all do so it's a conversation you may want to have with her before making a purchase online.

Some of the rigid and firmer options add a more hardcore edge to lovemaking, so if she likes it rough & hard, this style will surely satisfy her kinky sexual desires. Choose one with added girth too since the thickness is a sure fire way to make her orgasm strength skyrocket.

F-Tool Cock Extender toy

F-Tool Cock Extender - $39

Dark & demure yet soft & pliable fantasy sex sleeve adds girth without being too extreme.


Micro Ribbed Sleeve - $53

Our highest quality girth enhancer truly feels like silk, super comfortable for both partners.

Do Men Like Penis Sleeves?

I've never heard of a man who didn't like the right dick sleeve. Just as with a women's enjoyment, as long as the guy chooses the correct one based off his personal desires, he'll like the experience too.

Asking do men like penis sleeves seems like a question with an obvious answer, but there is one reason why men simply LOVE using them!

The thicker the sides, the less sensation he'll have. Initially, this does not sound like much of a selling feature, but when a man has less sensation during sex, it helps him to last longer.

That's right, a secret benefit of using a penis sleeve is it will delay premature ejaculation. Purchase a girth sleeve and it can stop premature ejaculation altogether. With that single reason alone, rest assured, men like cock sleeves!

Penis extenders that are very thin like a condom will allow him to feel some of the body warmth transfer during penetrative sex, so if he wants to enjoy the feel tooo, the picking a micro-thin sheath is a better choice.

The interiors of the realistic sheaths are smooth, so he'll enjoy a tight softly padded silky sensation. It feels warm and quite cushy inside. Sex feels tighter too if the walls are wider, but if you choose a thin clear sheath with ribbed texture for example, guys will feel the same texture as the women. Body heat is also easily shared between the couple and it removes only slight sensation comparable to that of a condom.

What Does Sex With a Penis Sleeve Feel Like?

Sex feels different! This is most accurate verbal quote of what sex with a penile sleeve feels like, but here are a few more sensations you'll notice:

Open ended penis sleeve
Bets selling open ended penis sleeve for men.
  • Sex feels tighter regardless of its size.
  • Padded sleeves add a “cushy” or “pillowy” feel.
  • Realistic sleeves feel like sex with a soft dildo.
  • Rubber or gel feels slippery & fast, use warming lube to make it warm up quicker!
  • Open ended sleeves add skin-to skin contact with a thick, padded silky contrast.
  • Vibrating motors add stimulation for both partners similar to a vibrating dildo.
  • Ball loop adds scrotum pressure & enhances orgasms for men.
  • penis extender sleeves and only add length, not girth.
  • Penis girth sleeves make the vagina feel tight.

8 Types of Penis Sleeves for Men

No two cock extensions are created equal! Here's a quick breakdown of the most popular types of mens dick enhancers available for sale:


1. Realistic Penis Sleeve

The most popular design of them all, the realistic penis sleeve is the type that enhances the feel of lovemaking between lovers by offering a lifelike feel that's different from the norm. If sex feels too ordinary, the realistic penile enhancer is the perfect choice.


2. Penis Girth Sleeve

Adding girth spices up the sex life unlike any other adult product on the market. She'll skip her huge dildo and crave your huge girth sleeve instead! These are often realistic feeling and looking to enhance the life like fantasy sex experience with a well hung lover.


3. Open Ended Penis Sleeve

Women with short vaginas find long extender sleeves uncomfortable during deep penetration. The open ended penis sleeve is the perfect compromise between adding girth, but not length. Furthermore, the man enjoys more sensation because his head is exposed during sex.

How to use a penis sleeve with an open end? You can push the tip of your dick out, or leave it halfway covered to increase girth around the head.


4. Sleeve for Small Penis

Men with a small penis wear long penis extensions to make the cock bigger. These are shorter than average to fit a small cock sheath without falling off. They add length and girth and bring his natural size up the closer to the average male erection size.


5. Cock Sleeve with Testicle Strap

The ball strap not only holds the device in place and prevents it from moving around, but the sensation of the strap around the back of the scrotum offers extra pleasure for men. It is simply an added feature, it is not required to use a sheath with a scrotum band, the ones without work just as well.


6. Large Cock Sleeves

Huge penis sleeves are a fetish filled accessory made for wild & kinky sex. The goal is to get the biggest & thickest dick possible. These are typically stiff and rigid because such a massive sleeve would be difficult to insert into the vagina if it were too soft. These are certainly for size queens only as some of the eventual girths rival that of her favorite big dildo.


7. Textured Cock Sleeve

A textured cock sleeve with bumps, ribbed studded or spiraled texture is mostly felt by his partner, but the wearer will also notice the same texture during penetration. The texture is simply to add a new feel during lovemaking and is a nice, often inexpensive martial enhancer for couples.


8. Vibrating Penile Sleeve

The buzzing enhances the climax for both partners. Vibrating cock sleeves include a tiny bullet vibrator that tucks into a specially designed loop at the base of his cock. The placement allows for clitoral stimulation during deep thrusting. Some designs have a vibrator inside the extender piece for internal vibration.


Are Penis Sleeves Good for Erectile Dysfunction?

Penis sleeves require an erection to work properly. They cannot be supported on their own. If you try to put one on a flaccid dick, it will just fall off. If you have erectile dysfunction, then choosing a hollow strap on penis is the best option. All hollow toys are rigid enough for penetration even despite a man having erectile dysfunction or unable to get a full erection with a semi flaccid dick.

Can you Cum Inside a Penis Sleeve?

Yes, you can cum inside a penis sleeve. Think of it like ejaculating inside a condom, it contains the cum until you pull it off. Make sure to pinch the base closed around your shaft and hold it on your dick as you walk to the trash can so you don't spill ejaculate on the bed or floor.

Uncut penis sleeve
Experience uncut sex with a cock sleeve.

Important note: A cock sleeve is NOT a form of birth control and does NOT prevent the transmission of STD's. You still need to wear a condom underneath.

It's easy to flush cum out of the interior. Hold the open end under the faucet and let water rush through, so on that note, we'll move directly into the next point:

How To Clean a Penis Sleeve

Knowing the force the material is under during sexual intercourse, adult sex toy makers have crafted these a lot tougher than they appear. Why is this worth mentioning? You are free to stretch, roll, squish and work your fingers way into the depth to fully clean and sanitize the device after use.

So how do you clean a cock sleeve?

  1. After you remove it, make sure to pinch the end closed so that you don't spill ejaculate on the floor.
  2. Take it to the sink and rinse the interior & exterior with warm water.
  3. Spread sex toy cleaner or antibacterial liquid hand soap throughout the entire surface, inside and out and massage with your hands.
  4. Flush the interior well with water to make sure all the ejaculate has been rinsed away.
  5. Rub your hands on the exterior to make sure all the lubricant has been removed.

Storage & Care

To store the cock sleeve, we recommend putting it back in the box that it came in. Nothing better to store sex toys than in their original container! The most important part of storing any adult product is to make sure it doesn't come into contact with other toys, silicone will melt together and transfer color. What is a penis sleeve good for if it is melted shut?

Also make sure it stays clear of dust and lint barbecue all materials tend to collect lint and dust, and of course this won't ruin the device, it's nicer not to have to wash it all off before using. Nothing kills the mood more than having to leave the bedroom to pre-rinse your cock sleeve before sex.

Mayla Green

Mayla Green has been involved in the sex toy industry since 2004. Working behind the motto “Sex TOYS should be FUN”, Mayla provides unique tips & advice amassed from over a decade of hands on experience with adult products. She also coaches clients how to fully enjoy sexual pleasure and can be seen in major publications & magazines online.

Happily married since 2009, she knows firsthand how the sex life eventually becomes repetitive (which truthfully means boring), so if you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, Mayla's your gal! Her literary pride & joy is covering topics for established couples needing inspiration to keep lovemaking exciting and fun.

Not in a relationship? Her other focus is teaching women how to properly handle the “little person in the canoe” to experience the best orgasms ever, no partner required! Her creative and innovative tips, techniques and advice is on par with a certified sex therapist or Sexologist, but with an extra advantage from her knowledge of the adult toy business.

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