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Uncircumcised Sleeve

Uncircumcised vibrating extension sleeve adds 3 inches to his erection.
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Your search for an uncircumcised penis extension sleeve ends here - we finally found one! This uncut penis sleeve is ooey-gooey soft and stretchy. It's extremely comfortable for both the giver and receiver. The opening is small enough to wrap a man's erection like a glove and stay on like a condom. The realistic penile detail looks fantastic too.

Includes a small single speed vibrator. Inside the 3 inch silicone filled tip lies a narrow pouch with the same dimensions as the vibrator. Slide the vibrator into the pouch and press the button to activate the motor. This spreads a consistent tantalizing tingle throughout the entire top portion of the sleeve. He'll love the vibrations on his penis and she'll love the deep vaginal vibrations during intercourse.

The penis sleeve features thick padded sides help to remove sensation for him which delays premature ejaculation. This luscious vibrating extension sleeve is best for gentle loving; please note since it is so soft, it may tear under hard thrusting, so if you're a slow and delicate lover, this sleeve is a wonderful choice. It will add 3 inches to his erection, vibration for both partners and a soothing skin like padding that makes sex feel invigorating and exciting, perfect for a couple looking for something unique in the bedroom.

Total Length: 6 1/2 inches
Added Length: 3 inches
Added Girth: 1/2 inch over the shaft, when the vibrator is inserted, the tip measures 1 5/8 inches across at the thickest point
Vibrator Length: 2 1/4 inches
Batteries: 3 cells, included & installed
Motor: Single speed
Material: Real Skin (life like TPE silicone)
Latex Free: Yes
Phthalates Free: Yes

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