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6 Inch Realistic Penis Sleeve

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The soft, stretchy and malleable 6 Inch Realistic Penis Sleeve is the best penis sleeve for the average guy. If you're shopping online for a simple sexual aid to spice up the sex life, this is an excellent choice. It pads the erection with a slick and realistic feeling layer that adds a bit to the girth and a touch to the length. The penis feels bigger, but not overly huge so the typical couple can experience a new feeling to sex without going overboard with something extravagant or scary.

The penis sleeve reduces some sensation for him which helps to delay premature ejaculation so lovemaking can last longer than normal. The squishy, jelly soft head adds 1 inch to his natural length. The head also narrows slightly to help make vaginal insertion easy so even petite women will find it most welcoming and enjoyable.

Even though the penis sleeve can stretch wide open to triple its resting girth and double its length, when in position on the penis, it fits like a snug glove. This results in a form fitting cling without being too tight for the average size penis. This is a perfect marital aid for first timers to try at a budget friendly price.

* Dildo not included.

Total Length: 6 inches
Interior Length:
5 inches
Added Length:
1 inch (Please note package states 2")
Added Girth:
1/2 inch
Interior Diameter:
1 1/4 inches when relaxed, stretches to 2 1/2 inches
TPE - Thermoplastic Elastomer
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:
Color Options: Vanilla (White), Tan (Light Brown)
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