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What an Inflatable Butt Plug is REALLY Like

What an Inflatable Butt Plug is REALLY Like

Have you been swayed to dabble in the dark side of erotic pleasure? Thinking of spicing up your sex life with something massively kinky? Have you experienced the orgasmic boost while wearing an anal toy during masturbation?

No doubt you've considered trying an inflatable butt plug, or maybe this is the first time you're hearing about inflatable dildos. Before taking the plunge, I'll answer commonly asked questions such as "how to use an inflatable butt plug", and "what does it feel like?".

What is an Inflatable Butt Plug?

An inflatable butt plug is an expanding sex toy that expands like a balloon inside the body. It inserts into the vagina or anus at a normal size, and inflates by squeezing hand bulb. There are several different shapes ranging from penis shaped dildos to skinny probes that are no bigger than a finger. These sex toys can be for vaginal or anal use during masturbation, foreplay and/or sexual intercourse. They are worn by both men and women.

Since this article discusses inflating anal toys, we'll elaborate on the actual butt plug shape for anal use specifically. Why? Because in our opinion, this is the best shape for any expanding sex toy because the natural flared head of a butt plug does wonders to your sex life. We like them better than any other shape and if you're shopping for an inflating anal plug, this is THE toy you should try.

What does an Inflatable Butt Plug Feel Like?

Men report that masturbation feels extra INTENSE! The consistent pressure from behind presses on the prostate, so even if you've never felt prostate stimulation before, the best inflatable butt plug will demonstrate the pleasure first hand. If you envision how the expanded anal plug stretches and fills all spaces, you'll realize that it evenly adds pressure to all parts of the rectum.

The huge balloon is malleable and snuggles right up to every feature and detail inside the body. It fills the space completely. The prostate cannot hide! All joking aside, it delivers unrelenting non-stop consistent pressure to the prostate. Guys typically wear a blow up anal toy during masturbation, and they greatly prefer vibrating inflatable butt plugs over any other shape.

Women LOVE the feeling, especially during the famous Trio of Sexual Pleasure: wearing an expanding butt plug WHILE using a vibrator AND rubbing the clitoris. Just like the men say, the orgasm is INTENSE! One of the greatest features is that she can enjoy full-on sexual pleasure without needing to fumble with an anal toy that keeps popping out of her butt.

Our Top Picks:

Ladies also use large expanding anal toys in the vagina. (Although you should buy a second one dedicated for vagina use, and leave your butt plug separately for hygienic reasons). When used in the vagina, it fills the cavity with a width that cannot be duplicated with a normal dildo alone, it presses on the vaginal canal and puts pressure whereas a normal large dildo cannot quite accomplish that same sensation.

If you've ever tried a regular anal plug, you know they tend to fall out, therefore the inflatable butt plug is the SECRET to stopping this annoyance. Now you can use your hands to hold a vibrator and leave your fingers free to rub your clitoris. I promise it will be the most explosive orgasm you've ever had!

Inflatable Butt Plugs - Expanding your Pleasure!

Large inflatable anal sex toys are the top choice of the oddly kinky folks, a strange idea that offers unmistakable sensations and the finest erotic stretching feel one could possibly experience. Inflatable butt plugs started the trend and we witnessed their initial introduction onto the market about 15 years ago.

I remember the day these were first shipped to sex shops. I was there! I still remember inflating the first anal toy. Half the sex shop employees thought it was ludicrous, the other half thought it was genius. Knowing that huge and strange sex toys always sell, we weren't surprised to discover these were flying off the shelves and people enjoyed them!

Inflated and Deflated Butt Plug
We photographed every plug deflated & inflated.

The strange yet genius concept took off... Who would have thought?

The main reason someone would purchase a huge inflatable anal toy is because it's the safest and best way to experience the widest, largest feel inside the butt without damaging the sphincter muscles of the anus. The concept behind the inflatable anal plug is they insert at a normal size, then by squeezing the hand bulb, the outer layer blows up like a balloon and expands inside the body while the part that rests around the sphincter maintains the same size as insertion.

The butt plug is the most popular shape because of the exaggerated effects inside the body, it actually looks like a balloon when inflated. The upper portion expands in a circular shape and spreads even pressure throughout the rectum. A release valve quickly lets the air escape immediately returning the girth back to it's normal entry size for quick and painless removal.

First Comes Anal Plug, Then Comes Dildo

The inflatable dildo soon followed and was not solely intended to be used as an anal toy, but for women to use vaginally too. The dildos have a straight stovepipe style and blow up evenly. They don't get as large as the butt plugs because the entire length of the shaft blows up in unison, so the anal dildo is the best option for someone who likes a consistent wide feel but doesn't need to break any girth records.

New & Trending:

Expanding Anal Probe: Easy Choice for Beginners

The expanding anal probe is the thinnest and smallest of all styles and the most common choice for a first timer. They can go very deep since the anal probe is usually attached to a tube so you can push it in as far as it will go before pumping it up. It is the top style of anal toy that we recommend for men & women who ask for ideas on how to prepare for anal. The contrast between the thin tubing and wide inflated probe is different than any other type.

It's more noticeable too since the thin anal dildo probe has a neatly rounded ball shape that expands wide deep inside the body. The tubing is thinner than a finger, so you'll barely feel it passing through the sphincter. You'll notice the large rounded probe inflated inside the rectum.

The “probe and tube combo” is best for travel and discretion because unlike the vibrating inflatable butt plugs, it doesn't have extra wires, cords, vibration controller units and a big hand squeeze bulb hanging in the way. These are more simplified, single piece units. Another reason they are suited for beginners: there are less “accessories” to manage and distractions to worry about while fitted in your butt.

Beginner Expanding Anal Probe
The best selling expandable anal toy for beginners.

The Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug Experience

Many of the expanding anal plugs vibrate. The sensation from the inflatable vibrator is entirely different than any other kind of vibrating anal toy. The motor rests inside the solid portion in the middle and when the exterior layer expands, the vibrations radiate back and forth like an echo bouncing off the sides of the walls into your body at a furious pace.

This sensation is tricky to describe in words, but using the word “echo” is our favorite descriptive term. In our opinion, if you're willing to try a blow up sex toy, you might as well pick one with vibrations because the sensation is truly unique.

How to Use an Inflatable Butt Plug

  1. Lube, lube, lube!
  2. You'll need lots of anal lubricant because you don't want the material to over stress while inflating. There shouldn't be any friction between your skin and the surface while it's expanding, especially in the anus so liberally apply lube around the top and sides of the toy.

  3. Insert and place in your preferred spot.
  4. When fully inflated, the device can't really be thrust in and out, it will stay in place. You can thrust the shaft, but the shape of balloon will change as it moves between points of pressure from inside your body to open space outside the body; this adds stress to the surface and can cause a tear so we suggest the blow up toys stay in place while they're fully inflated. Squeeze the bulb slowly until you've reached the point of pressure you like.

  5. Do your dirty work!
  6. Some people wear the plug during masturbation, other wear them during sex. Whatever your choice, the tingling pressure behind amplifies the strength of orgasms for both men and women. Most men experience prostate stimulation during use so guys like to wear these during masturbation.

  7. Playtime is over!
  8. Press and hold the release valve for a few seconds to return the shaft to it's resting girth and remove the toy from your body.

  9. Clean, clean, clean!
  10. Because these have the ability to stretch more than any other toy, you'll need to make sure you clean it while fully expanded so bacteria cannot accumulate in the pores or on the surface unreachable when the balloon is deflated. Antibacterial sex toy cleaner is suggested because the top layer of the balloon surface is thin and can be damaged by harsh cleaning chemicals. Our sex toy sanitizer is gentle on the material, yet powerful enough to kill bacteria and sanitize the surface.

Video Instructions: How to Use Different Types of Inflatable Butt Plugs

We cannot simply explain how to use an inflatable butt plug without elaborating on other expanding anal toy types too. Inflatable anal toys comprise a vast range of designs from dildos to probes, vibrators to toys with scrotum teasers; non vibrating and vibrating. They are one of the most unique anal toys ever created. View our video demonstrations showing what they look like when fully expanded, get an idea of the texture and malleable feel of the stretched rubber or silicone and what the vibration sounds like inside the full balloon.

Inflatable Dildo

The Hefty Inflatable Probe is an example of a typical blow up dildo with fully expanding surface. You'll notice that it does not inflate evenly, but the balloon is very malleable and wide all the way through. This type is also used as a vaginal dildo by women because of its filling qualities.

Wireless Inflatable Anal Toy

The wireless vibrating Mack Tuff is very unique and cannot be classified into a particular category, so we blanket this vibrator as a typical blow up anal sex toy for men complete with flexible scrotum probe. Women can use it too however as the external probe doubles as an excellent perineum tickler.

Beginner Inflating Anal Toy

The Inflatable Balloon is the best selling and most highly recommended first timers expanding anal toy because it inserts into the butt thinner than a finger and has a nicely rounded plump shape when full. Because the tubing is so long, you can shove this up as far as it will go!

Inflating Butt Plug

The Expandable Plug is the most basic almost quintessential style, but you'll discover when watching our video instructions the advantage of choosing a toy with such a big hand bulb. It allows more air per squeeze compared to a normal bulb so it expands much quicker.

Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug

The Deluxe Inflating Plug features a powerful vibrating motor embedded deep inside the firm center. Listen to the sound of the vibrations in the video demo, you'll notice it reverberates with a hollow sound as the vibration spreads evenly across the rubber surface.

Inflating Anal Probe

We demo The Ram to show how it inflates from the bottom up. This adds extra pressure near the anus sphincter as opposed to deep inside. Because if the shape of anal probes like this, all toys of this style blow up in this same fashion. This type offers the user a different sensation than the standard anal plug shape.

Inflatable Strap on Dildo

If serious kink factor is the name of your game, the Inflatable Strap on Dildo is the most inventive expanding adult sex toy we've ever seen. With a reasonable maximum girth of 2 inches, it's still possible to thrust in & out without stressing the material. Modernized latex rubber feels more like silicone than latex, and the seamless reinforced hand bulb and tubing resists tearing longer than most toys of this type. If you're ready for a good time, this will definitely satisfy your wildest, craziest fantasies.

Vibrating Inflatable Curved Dildo

The expanding adult toy fit for both sexes. The Lux Inflatable Curved Dildo effectively stimulates the female G Spot and the male P spot, (also known as prostate gland). This is a multi function vibrating toy, there are 3 speeds plus 5 vibrating patterns which reverberate throughout the balloon. This style is a new and upcoming trend as it can be used vaginally as well as anally.

How to Clean & Care for your Inflatable Butt Plug:

Inflatable Butt Plug Suggestion
Now you're ready to suggest something NEW!

Most inflatable anal toys have a latex coating over top the solid rubber core underneath. Latex is the easiest material to use because it stretches well and is quite durable over time.

Latex is a porous material so proper sanitizing is essential. You must use antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner after every use and make sure to wipe the surface thoroughly. Blow up the shaft and clean it when inflated, then clean it again once it's deflated.

One final note on cleanliness: Never transfer a toy from vagina to anus. In fact, you should buy 1 expandable sex toy dedicated for vaginal use and a second dedicated to anal use.

Modern versions now come with a silicone layer over top instead of latex due in part to concerns with latex allergies. Silicone is not as porous as latex, but proper cleanliness is still important and we recommend following the care steps above. If you live in a humid climate, store it standing upright. If it lays on its side, the exterior layer can melt into the firm part underneath and you'll have a toy that inflates unevenly.

I hope I've answered all your questions and now you feel like an expert too! Satisfy your sexual curiosities and take a peek at our selection now. I hope you're excited to try something new today!

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