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The Ram Inflatable Anal Toy

A small vibrating & inflatable sex toy best for beginners.
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Never be intimidated by inflating anal toys, The Ram is one of the smallest, easiest to insert and funnest to use. The design is paramount, the thin and tapered bulbous probe has a lighter rubber core that flexes with body movement. Pumping the bulb increases the girth nearest to the base while the tip remains thin.

Add on the vibrations that focus directly at the tip and the user enjoys the resulting tingle as the rubber core remains in contact with the inner body. Many inflating anal toys vibrate somewhere in the center, and as the balloon inflates, the vibration disperse and becomes lighter.

The Ram never loses any of the vibrations strength, keeping it all in one place, as far in as it will go. It is a feature that matters and makes a huge difference to your sex life.

Smaller probe can be inserted all the way minimizing how much hangs out behind; the wearer can move about freely. This inflating anal toy is a suitable option for sex and masturbation and our favorite suggestion for a first timer.

Length: 5 1/2 inches
Deflated Diameter: 3/4 inch near the tip, 1 3/8 inches near the base
Inflated Diameter: 3 1/4 inches
Batteries: 2 AA, not included
Motor: Multi speed
Material: Rubber probe, Latex rubber coating, PVC tubing
Latex Free: No
Phthalates Free: No
Waterproof: Plug only
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