Bullet Vibrators

Every woman should own a bullet vibrator. It is a must-have discreet sex toy for women and a favorite way to achieve orgasms simultaneously. Hold the egg vibrator over the clitoris during sex and time your orgasms with your partner. It's our favorite bedroom activity for couples, and in our opinion, the best sex toy in existence. Wireless vibrators are a popular choice for first timers, they are simple and discreet.

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  1. Gel Power Flicker
    Gel Power Flicker
    $29.15 $35.99 You Save $6.84

    Whoa, crazy power! Tip flails faster than the eye can follow.

  2. Double Turbo Accelerator
    Double Turbo Accelerator
    $31.58 $38.99 You Save $7.41

    2x extreme power for more than 1 erogenous zone.

  3. 1st Timer's Teaser
    1st Timer's Teaser
    $9.71 $11.99 You Save $2.28
    Out of stock

    A worthy slim clitoral vibrator for beginners.

  4. Jumping Gyrator
    Jumping Gyrator
    $21.86 $26.99 You Save $5.13

    A forceful bullet with a vigorous, tossing motion.

  5. Impulse Silver Bullet
    Impulse Silver Bullet
    $17.00 $20.99 You Save $3.99

    Enhances vaginal lubrication for women who have dryness.

  6. Impulse Slim
    Impulse Slim
    $19.43 $23.99 You Save $4.56

    Mighty powerful tingle - you'll love the orgasm!

  7. Jelly Egg
    Jelly Egg
    $13.76 $16.99 You Save $3.23
    A thumping & exciting joyride to pleasure town!
  8. Flexa Bullet
    Flexa Bullet
    $23.48 $28.99 You Save $5.51

    The bullet vibrator wand on a stick. How fun!

  9. The Orb
    The Orb
    $15.38 $18.99 You Save $3.61
    Padded sleeve for ladies who prefer soothing vibration.
  10. Twin Pleasure Pack
    Twin Pleasure Pack
    $21.05 $25.99 You Save $4.94
    Opposing vibes sets you up for a great orgasm.
  11. Double Pleasure Bullets
    Double Pleasure Bullets
    $18.62 $22.99 You Save $4.37

    Transparent plastic offers a neat viewpoint inside.

  12. Remote Control Egg
    Remote Control Egg
    $25.10 $30.99 You Save $5.89

    Featuring a larger surface area for better body contact.

  13. Lovers Remote Control
    Lovers Remote Control
    $49.40 $60.99 You Save $11.59

    Hands-free luxury vibrator with 50 foot range.

  14. Power Bullet
    Power Bullet
    $9.71 $11.99 You Save $2.28

    Higher quality look, higher quality vibration.

  15. Remote Silicone Ridged
    Remote Silicone Ridged
    $34.01 $41.99 You Save $7.98

    Fun for the clitoris or the G-spot. Features a 10 meter range!

  16. Travel Blaster
    Travel Blaster
    $12.14 $14.99 You Save $2.85

    Thin clit stick style vibe with oozing luxury sleeve.

  17. Smooth Bullet
    Smooth Bullet
    $12.14 $14.99 You Save $2.85
    A regular bullet vibe dipped in thick luscious silicone.
  18. Gold Double Bullets
    Gold Double Bullets
    $13.76 $16.99 You Save $3.23
    Get the most bang for the buck & stay on budget.
  19. Impulse Slim Twins
    Impulse Slim Twins
    $24.29 $29.99 You Save $5.70

    Easy to hold & nestle into dark undiscovered spots.

  20. 3 Speed & Sleeve
    3 Speed & Sleeve
    $22.67 $27.99 You Save $5.32

    Tantalizing powerful vibe with floppy, spiky sleeve.

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Items 21-40 of 58