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Butt Lube Applicator

An ingenious product for anal lube application.
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An ingenious product for anal lube application. Spare the mess and stickiness of trying to stuff a liquid into the body's tightest penetrable hole and buy the Lube Tube. This is a hollow plastic tube with a cap (for easy portability), finger loops for precision application.

Fill the tube with lubricant (dip the tip into the bottle and pull the tab backwards to draw the liquid inside the tunnel). Insert the tip into the anus and depress the end to force lubricant where it should be - inside the bum, not outside running down the cheeks!

They are easy to clean and reusable. To avoid contaminating your lubricant, make sure to sterilize the plastic tube with hand soap and hot water before dipping the end into the lubricant bottle.

Includes 2 lube tubes.
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