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Best Water Based Lubricants: Condom & Sex Toy Safe

Best Water Based Lubricants: Condom & Sex Toy Safe

Water based lubes are the preferred choice of many people for several reasons. First, these good slippery sex lubes are versatile. They are safe for use with condoms. You can use them with toys.

In fact, a water based product is the best dildo lube you will find. Water-based lubricants are also quite easy to clean up without using much soap and water. You will also find that these do not stain your sheets and are compatible with the best female libido enhancer too.

So, how do you find the best water based lube? That depends. If it helps, think of water-based as a category of lube, with several subcategories within that. Here are some of the features you might find in various water based lubes:

  1. Differing thicknesses
  2. Warming and cooling lubricants
  3. Desensitizing or relaxing additives
  4. Various scents and flavors

Best Selling Water Based Lube for Condoms & Sex Toys

In an overwhelming number one spot is the much loved, classic staple called ID Glide Lubricant. In fact, it is one of the most popular water based lube brands of all time and the best selling product in our enteire sex shop. The hallmark formula is ID Glide, a high quality, never sticky liquid that keeps moisture where needed!

A newer release but quickly following in the popularity of the aforementioned is ID Tingling Lubricant. It features the same base formula as above only with 1 extra ingredient that acts as cooling tingling enhancement: The magical, non-toxic and body safe menthol!

Last but certainly not least, ID Warming Lubricant is a repeat of the same formulas as the 2 previous but it warms up with friction. The more you rub, the warmer it gets. This is out best waster based lube to prevent the cold chill from dildos and vibrators. Any of these 3 choices are well suites to sexual intercourse, condom safe and can safely be ingested if being used as an oral sex enhancer or blow job lubricant.

To find the best water based lubricants, consider how you will use the lubricant, how you feel about the different ingredients you might encounter, and any concerns you might have about products being body safe.

If you're looking for flying solo (aka masturbation) check out my newly published guide to the best masturbation lubes. Here you can find a detailed description of important features that make a good lubricant for masturbation. There is a section that covers types of lube and as you would expect, there is a mention on water based formulas.

Healthiest Water Based Lubes

The healthiest and safest water based lubricants will be free from harsh chemicals. They will be made from non-toxic, natural ingredients. Most importantly, they will be safe to use. You should be able to use a water-based lube with a condom or other products to prevent the spread of STIs. Further, a water-based lube should be sanitary. It shouldn’t ‘go off’, or become a breeding ground for germs or bacteria.

Fortunately, as long as you purchase a water based lube from a reputable store, and a reputable manufacturer, you will not have any problems. You will have your choice of a variety of lubricants that are body safe, effective, and in some cases, good for the environment.

However, there are some lubes that are healthier than others. Their makers are particularly careful in sourcing ingredients, and making the product. If you prefer the healthiest, most natural lubricant, check out these options.

Swiss Navy Chocolate Flavored Lubricant

Swiss Navy Lube

This is a water based lube from the premium lube maker Swiss Navy who produces incredibly, high quality lubes for women. This brand is formulated to feel exactly like a woman's natural lubrication. It is water-based, flavored & scented with chocolate flavor to tempt the senses. There are no harsh chemicals, and it is paraben-free. Swiss Navy Chocolate Lube never leaves behind a residue.

Aloe Juice as The Water Base

Aloe Lube

Lavender Aloe Cadabra is an organic lubricant that uses aloe as its water base. It is also infused with lavender to create a calming but also arousing sexual experience.this all natural product is safe for condoms and sex toys. This product gets both your mind and body ready for sex.

Best Water Based Lubes For Anal

Water-based lubes are a very popular choice for anal sex. There are several reasons for using it for anal sex. First these lubes are always condom safe. That's important to people who are interested in practicing safer sex. In addition to this, water-based lubes work well with sex toys.

In many cases, before attempting anal intercourse, people will engage in anal training or stretching. This often involves the use of sex toys of varying sizes to get the receiver comfortable accommodating a penis.

Of there are also plenty of lubes available that contain desensitizing ingredients, warming and cooling ingredients, and even allow the sphincter muscles to relax a bit. It's easy to see why these would be desirable for improving the anal sex experience. Here are a few water-based lubes that are ideal for anal sex.

Desensitizing Anal-Eze

Desensitizing Lube

This product combines a water-based lubricant with benzocaine. This is a numbing solution that can make anal sex less painful. Just be careful not to use too much, or to Duluth the product with another water based lube.

This will prevent you from losing too much sensation during sex. Feel free to use this product with sex toys or condoms. Enjoy the experience of penetration without the pain with Desensitizing Anal Eze.

Cooling Anal Lubricant

Cooling Anal Lube

This cooling water-based anal lubricant is made specifically for anal sex. It is thicker than many other lubes, which is ideal for anal sex. In addition to this it has a cooling and tingling feature that feels different than any other brand on the market. The result of using Cooling Anal Lubricant is easier entry with added sensation. This high quality formula is from the popular luxury Jo H20 brand.

For Sensitive Skin

Obviously, having sex involves some very sensitive areas. For some people, choosing the right lube is exceptionally important. They may have sensitivities and allergies that make harsher chemicals, or certain types of lube problematic for them to use.

In fact, the topic is so extensive, I published a guide on the best lube for sensitive skin here. Many people find water-based lubricant to be gentler than other products. If you have sensitive skin these are the safest water-based lubricants for you.

Jo H20 Flavored Lubricant

Jo Flavored Lube

Jo H20 Flavored lube comes in many flavors. One look at the packaging, and it’s clear that this product is made for women. That’s a key reason why this is such a great product for sensitive skin. After all, a woman’s internal flora and membranes are more sensitive than most other body parts. They require a gentle lubricant like this that is also water-based, and compatible with condoms and sex toys.

Cloud 9 Silky Lube

Cloud 9 Silky Lube

This lube is water-based, hypoallergenic, odorless, colorless, greaseless, and free of any parabens. It is gentle, and long-lasting. This is a great choice if your skin is sensitive to many chemical additives. It’s meant to supplement your body’s natural lubricant, and Cloud 9 Silky Lube will leave your skin soft and supple.


Many people prefer using the thickest lube possible. Thicker lubes are great for anal sex, they won’t drip and make a mess, and it has a great feel. Thick, water based lube are amazing for male masturbation. They work great for stroking, and easy to clean up. Here are some thicker lubes.

H20 Gun Oil

Gun Oil Lube

This is a water based lube that was created specifically for male masturbation. It’s super thick. In fact, some guys like to mix in a few drops of water to make it the perfect consistency. Best of all, it washes off quick when you’re finished. That leaves plenty of time for post jerk-off clean up. H20 Gun Oil is packaged and sold as a very masculine product.

H20 Thick Gel 

Thick Gel Lube

This is another, thick, water-based lubricant made by H20. It’s a multipurpose lube that works well for masturbation, intercourse, and play with sex toys. H20 thick gel lubricant comes in two sizes. Choose the larger for keeping at home. Then, pick the smaller version for travel, or nights out on the town.


There are some disadvantages to using water-based lubes. However, before going into the details about this, keep some basic facts in mind. Because water-based lubricants are suitable for condoms, they can be a part of a safer sex routine. In addition to this, most people are able to use water-based lubes without any negative side effects. Still, check out these potential issues.

Water Based Lubes Can Become Dry And Tacky

These lubes tend to evaporate quickly. Because of this, they can leave behind a dry, slightly sticky residue. This is why it's not really the wisest choice for handjob lube. People buy it however because it's half the cost of silicone lube.

Water Based Lubes Don’t Last as Long

Because of the quick evaporation mentioned above, you may find that you need to reapply water-based lubes more frequently than other types.

They Can Cause Irritation

If your lube contains glycerin that may be irritating. The same goes for parabens. These can cause irritation, and there are concerns that parabens can mimic estrogen. Avoid this by using a paraben free, body safe lube.

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