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Mayla's Top 5 Best Female Libido Enhancers & Arousal Products

Mayla's Top 5 Best Female Libido Enhancers & Arousal Products

Last Updated on November 16, 2023

When a woman has a healthy libido she feels happy, confident, attractive, and in tune with her body. All of these things are good for her, and for her partner(s). Unfortunately, stress, age, hormones, and a variety of other factors can reduce libido, sometimes significantly.

Not too long ago, loss of libido was simply accepted as a fact of life for women. That’s no longer true.  Now, there are a variety of sex accessories designed to restore vitality to a woman’s sex life, and increase her natural desires. 

How do Libido Enhancers For Women Work?

First, it’s important to understand what a loss of libido means. There’s not a single characteristic. Instead, women often experience this quite differently. It could present as a total lack of energy for having sex, loss of interest, inability to climax, or lack of normal lubrication response when stimulated sexually. 

Because of this, there are multiple treatment approaches to lack of libido. You can see that by the variety of products listed below. Also make sure to check out the category of arousal creams & gels for the clitoris find stimulating gels for the clitoris that help to enhance sexual response in women.

Best Female Arousal Products

Tingle Clitoral Gel

Tingle Clitoral Gel

Tingle Clitoral Gel. It's is minty fresh, edible, tasty and tingly. Are you looking for an extra boost to your sexual pleasure? A combination between moisturizer and arousal gel keeps your skin sensually soft while offering a pleasant tingle. Budget friendly price tag makes this an easy guilty free purchase.

Chocolate Female Arousal Oil

Chocolate Female Arousal Oil

Chocolate Female Arousal Oil is a high quality formula we absolutely love and the finest arousal oil we've ever seen, a little goes a long way and you get 50 applications per bottle. A fast acting chocolate flavored arousal product made with a unique blend of pure essential oils & extracts.

Start it up Gel

Start it up Gel

Start it up Gel is for menopausal women who benefit from the added sensation, encouraging the body to produce its own lubrication and giving a low libido a much-needed boost. Contains several stimulating extracts which increase clitoral sensitivity and encourage blood flow to the area to enhance the frequency & strength of orgasms.

Other Similar Oral Sex Enhancers

If you want tour lover to get some oral action or good deepthroat blow job, check out the throat numbing spray for oral. This is a topical anesthetic spray that numbs the back of the throat for deep throat blowjob without the gag-reflex getting in the way.

Most couples will purchase not only a female arousal gel, but a deep throat spray also since good sex and foreplay is about sharing of bodily pleasures!

5 Best Female Libido Enhancers

Female libido enhancers are any product that can be used before sex, during sex, or in between to boost libido and sexual function. These five products have all been used with at least some success among women. They are certainly worth a try.

1. Maca

Maca powder is made from the ground root of a Peruvian plant. It’s a bit of a trending ingredient, and can be found at smoothie and juice shops, as well as in health food stores.

The positive impacts of maca include help with menopause, increased libido, and improved mood. Studies even showed that consuming Maca was beneficial to both men and women.

The good news about maca is that it’s low risk, and easy to obtain. Simply purchase it from your local health food store or juice bar. Then, take it as directed.

There are no reported side effects. This is a great product to try if you prefer to use a natural solution before moving on to a pharmaceutical one.

2. Addyi

Addyi is an FDA approved pill. It has been made for premenopausal women who are showing signs of decreased libido. It is known that the drug impacts serotonin receptors. However, there are no real insights into why or how it boosts libido. Addyi is taken once daily.

There are a few things to consider before asking your doctor for a prescription of this med. First, Addyi and alcohol absolutely cannot be mixed. Doing so can lead to dangerously low blood pressure leading to fainting. There are other potential side effects including dizziness, dry mouth, and insomnia.

How well does it work? Women who take Addyi report .5 to 1 more satisfying sexual encounters each month. Whether not that is worthwhile depends largely on your expectations and previous level of satisfaction with your sex life.

3. Scream Creams

Scream cream isn’t a single product. Instead, it’s a classification of creams or gels that are rubbed into the clitoris or vagina immediately prior to sex.

Keep in mind that these are medications created by compounding pharmacies, and prescribed by doctors. Some have similar ingredients to Viagra. They are not simply lubricants or warming gels.

The good news is that these creams appear to work. The downside is that you must get a prescription, and some women may not feel comfortable applying the cream.

4. Tribulus

Tribulus is a supplement that can be bought over the counter in drug stores and vitamin shops. It’s a plant based dietary supplement that is made to be taken on a daily basis. There are very few side effects, and it’s easy to obtain. 

The only problem is that it’s a bit unproven. It appears as if most women need to take the pill daily for it to have an effect. More research needs to be done to learn more about its level of efficacy.

5. Female Arousal Gel

Female arousal gels may have lubricating and warming properties, but they are also created for the additional purpose of boosting libido. Some heighten g-spot sensitivity. Others work on the clitoris. Some are cooling arousal gels that create a fresh chilly feeling tingle. On the opposite spectrum, others are warming arousal gels and create a soothing “throbbing” heated sensation.

Many of these products are made with essential oils, something that some women are more comfortable with than prescribed medications. Best of all, women may select these products based on the sensations and sexual experiences she wishes to have.

Popular female arousal gels
A few of our best sellers for women looking for a tingling, cooling or warming clitoral arousal gel.

Frequently Asked Questions about Arousal Products for Women

Who can use libido enhancer gels?

These products are made for CIS women and trans men. Some products, such as supplements and creams can generally be used by anyone as long as they have no side effects.

On the other hand, women should only take prescription based meds if they fit the patient criteria. For example, some products may not be allowed for women who are pregnant or nursing.

What about using libido enhancers with sex toys?

This is my top piece of advice in my sex coaching career for couples who cannot enjoy intercourse due to menopause. Using a bullet vibrator in conjunction with arousal creams or tingling clit gels is a safe and surefire way to make clitoral, stimulation feel more intense. The result is the vagina relaxes, the tissue and muscles in the walls soften making penetration more enjoyable for her.

What is a bullet vibrator? If you've never used one before, check out the bullet vibrator definition and discover how adding this to a warming or cooling gel will make a substantially massive impact to female erotic arousal.

How do you choose a female libido enhancer?

First, determine how your lack of libido is manifesting. Next, ask yourself what physical and mental impacts you would like to feel. Then, select products to try that are most likely to meet your needs.

Do these female arousal products guarantee orgasm?

No, they do not. Be wary of any claims to the contrary. However, they can produce increased sensations and desires, that will make orgasm much more likely. Most women benefit from using arousal gels with clit stimulators, now THAT is a great way to assure an orgasm!

How long does it take to notice an impact?

That depends. A hormone based pill could take several weeks to have an impact. If you use products that are applied directly to the genitals, you may notice immediate results. This is especially true for products intended to create specific sensations such as warming or cooling.

Any ingredients to avoid?

Stay away from products that obscure ingredients on their labels. Avoid products that come from less than trustworthy vendors as well. Beyond that, the best choice is to simply know your body. Pay attention to how you feel, and be aware of ingredient sensitivities.

Mayla Green

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