Lavender Aloe Cadabra

Slippery lavender infused gel transforms your love den.
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Aloe Cadabra is a new organic brand of lubricant that is quickly making waves across the adult industry. Lightly infused with lavender scent, pure luxury and high quality concentrated gel in a slippery gel base that is never runny. Aloe Cadabra is an instant favorite of almost every woman who tries it for the first time. We love adding products of start-up manufacturers, when first approached by Aloe Cadabra, we expected "just another" lubricant brand. Once sample bottles went home with the staff, the office was full of smiles! We think this is the wave of the future; lubricant gels are a great advancement compared to liquids as they are never as messy and last longer, usually due to the slow rate of skin absorption. The lavender scent is calming; an interesting addition to lubes as typically lavender in massage oils adds a calming nature. Having lavender involved in sex helps the brain make the association between calming and arousing, so when it is time to reach for a bottle of massage lotion with this essential oil, the mind will immediately place itself in a soothing AND sexual state of mind. Erotic training at its finest! Condom Safe: Yes Sex Toy Safe: Yes Volume: 2.5 ounces Type: Flavored, Water Based
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