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Best Lube for Sensitive Skin | Personal Lubricant for Sensitive Skin

Best Lube for Sensitive Skin | Personal Lubricant for Sensitive Skin

Do you experience redness or irritation from personal care products? If the answer is yes, then chances are the same thing applies when you use lube “down below”. Personal and sex lube is really not that much different than anything you'd put on your face.

It is a lubricating liquid or gel designed to decrease friction and hydrate the labia and vagina so that sexual intercourse feels slippery & smooth. It's really not that complicated, but what IS complicated is the list of ingredients within that formula in order to achieve that slippery goodness that feels oh-so great.

If you have skin sensitivities, we'll explore the best lubes for sex and masturbation that won't cause irritation. If sex is painful even though you don't have allergies, you'll greatly benefit from shopping for a lube for sensitive skin because they are designed to maintain hydration long after most other brands have already absorbed into the skin.

Simply put, these are high end super premium brands tailored to women with vaginal dryness and sensitive skin. Men can also experience reactions from ingredients. If you're a dude and reading this and feel itchy when you use a regular lube, pick from this list because they are all suitable for male masturbation too.

Decoding Your Sensitive Skin

There can be numerous reasons for sensitive skin. Depending on which you experience, the best lube to try can be vary based on the ingredients and features it promotes for women with skin sensitivities:

  • Allergies to ingredients commonly found in personal care products
  • Vaginal dryness due to menopause or hormone imbalance
  • Predisposed to yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis

If you have allergies or often experience itchiness or redness when using personal care products, shop for a lube that does not contain the following common irritants:

  • Glycerin
  • Parabens
  • Propylene glycol
  • Spermicide
  • Aspratame (sweetener often found in flavored lube)

You Get What You Pay For: Quality Lube Matters

Cheap lube is just that. Cheap. Often filled with cheap fillers and chemicals that are inexpensive to make, therefore keeping the price tag of the lubricant low. The result is a cornucopia of irritants that greatly affect those with sensitive skin. A libido enhancer for women is a good way to target only the clitoris, you use much less resulting in less chance of irritation.

High quality personal and sex lubricant brands use premium ingredients, organic, natural or healthy alternatives to what you'd find in cheap lube. If you have sensitive skin, the best lube is a premium brand personal lubricant with natural or organic additives and gentle ingredients specifically for those with skin sensitivities.

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Are Silicone & Oil Based Lubes Non Irritating?

Yes, some brands feature non-irritating ingredients, but as a general rule, silicone and oil based formulas are more irritating to the skin compared to water based personal lubricants.

An unscented, regular water based lube is the safest choice for those with skin sensitivities. This is the most basic formula with the least amount if ingredients. Simple is best. Stay away from warming, tingling and flavored lubes because these contain additives that can cause irritation.

If you are looking for a good lube for anal, follow the same guidelines and pick a water based brand. The major difference between vaginal lube and anal lube is that anal formulas are more viscous, a thick liquid almost like a gel whereas vaginal lubricants are typically runny like a liquid.

For guys seeking a lube for male masturbation, water based is not always the best choice because as he strokes the erection, the liquid rapidly absorbs into the skin leaving him dry before he has the time to finish. Silicone lubes are more common for male masturbation because they never absorb into the skin. In the case of allergies however, choose the healthier option and stick with water based.

The Natural & Organic Advantage

The main difference between a personal lubricant that is "natural" and "organic" really comes down to how the ingredients in each brand are sourced. It also matters if they have been certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). This is a requirement for labeling your formula as “organic”.

Organic lubes are made from certified ingredients while natural ones are not. To be truly organic, a lubricant's ingredients won't have interacted with chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, and GMOs.

Natural lubes have additives like  coconut oil, aloe vera, or vitamin E for a silky, slippery texture. These tend to be non-irritating to skin and a better balance for the PH of a vagina. Disrupting the vagina's delicate pH balance cause infection.

In summary, there is no need to specifically look for a product that's branded both natural & organic, but you should consider 1 of the 2 if you need a sex lube for sensitive skin.

Best Lubes for Sensitive Skin

Aloe Cadabra

Aloe Cadabra

Aloe Cadabra is a new organic brand of lubricant that is quickly claiming a solid position as the very best personal lubricant for sensitive skin. Containing over 95% organic aloe vera in every tube and FDA-cleared for your safety.

Lightly infused with organic essential oils to create a sensual, natural scent. If you want to steer clear of extra additives and flavorings, there is an unscented and unflavored option available.

Rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, Aloe Cadabra is an instant favorite of almost every woman who tries it for the first time. It's almost a gel-like consistency so it never feels runny. Perfectly safe with condoms & sex toys too.

It's one of the best gel water based lubes ever made, in my humble opinion! Aloe Cadabra is pH balanced to insure harmony with your body and edible, safe to ingest so it can be used for oral sex.

  • Condom Safe: Yes
  • Sex Toy Safe: Yes
  • Volume: 2.5 ounces
  • Type: Flavored, Water Based

Jo Hybrid Lube

Jo Hybrid Coconut Lube

If you're having a hard time choosing between a water-based or silicone lube, my all-time favorite pick is Jo Hybrid Coconut Lube which lasts long like silicone but is safe to use on all toys, like a water-based formula. 

Made without any glycerin or parabens, it lays on thick but doesn't leave skin feeling sticky or dry. If you don't like how water based lubes dry out during use, this Hybrid coconut lube eliminates that concern completely. In fact, reviewers say that it works really well as a moisturizer and can be good for massages or other types of foreplay.

Coconut oil is becoming a common addition to organic and premium lubes for women that’s very well-tolerated. It’s very rare for people to have any type of allergic reaction to it. Coconut oil adds a smooth, greasy slickness that greatly helps those with vaginal dryness enjoy comfortable intercourse.

  • Condom Safe: Yes
  • Sex Toy Safe: Yes
  • Volume: 1 ounce, 4 ounces
  • Type: Water Based

Intimate Earth Organic Lube

Intimate Earth Organic Lube

Intimate Earth is a woman owned company dedicated to making nature-inspired, vegan products that will increase excitement and intimacy between partners. Intimate Earth Organic Lube is their newest line of flavored organic lubricants.

Smooth, sensual, delicious, never sticky or tacky and deeply scented to leave a lingering aroma in your bedroom, you'll appreciate the quality and care that goes into intimate earth organic products. PH Balanced & highest quality ingredients best for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Intimate Earth makes products that do not have the harmful chemicals found in many personal care products such as paraben preservatives, glycerin, menthol, etc. They accentuate positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle and never use any ingredient that has been tested in animals.

  • Condom Safe: Yes
  • Sex Toy Safe: Yes
  • Volume: 4 ounces
  • Type: Water Based, Flavored
  • Flavors: Chocolate Mint, Banana Cream Pie, Salted Caramel, Naughty Nectarines, Wild Cherries, Strawberry

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