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Cherry Anal Eaze

Cherry scented desensitizing cream numbs the entry.
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Do you need a helping hand to make anal sex more enjoyable? A cherry scented anal desensitizing cream numbs the entry to ease the insertion of a certain appendage, butt plugs, anal beads - or whatever else you feel like sticking in your butt! Cheyy flavor and scent hides any unpleasant smells that may crop up so its a popular choice for hesitant beginners who don't want any unpleasant experiences when trying firts time anal sex.

Please note, this is a desensitizer, NOT a lubricant. We highly suggest using lubricant too. This formula should not be the primary source of lubrication as it's highly desensitizing. All you do is apply a drop to the anus, wait a few minutes for the active ingredient benzocaine to work its magic and numb the area. Then, proceed to apply anal lube then enjoy your new toy.

Comes in 1.5 ounce tube.
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