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Lollicock Tiny Dildo

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Lollicock is a slippery small jelly dildo with dual purposes. Not only does it make a fabulous beginner's dildo for women, but it is a great pegging toy for men too.

It works well as a soft intermediate pegging toy with a sweet candy scent to mask unpleasant scents from anal play. The American made jelly feels super slick and very moist. It compresses in when you squeeze it, but does not ooze through your fingers indicating it has the perfect density for anal insertion. Some dildos are simply too soft to work as pegging dildos, but this one is simply perfect.

There is a fine line between too soft and difficult to insert anally, and Lollicock is the pegging toy that figured out the perfect formula combining stability and softness to assure every guy enjoy the most comfortable experience possible.

What does this mean for women who want to enjoy it vaginally? It's capable of hard thrusting and won't buckle under pressure. It's a fun, sweetly scented dildo for first timers looking to experience what a small jelly dildo feels like, even when you feel like getting hot & heavy with your sex.

The rounded suction cup base allows the user to stick it firmly to any flat surface. Additionally, the base fits through any harness ring that is between 1 ¼ inches and 2 ½ inches wide.

The shaft of the shaft begins a a mere 1 inch across the head and slowly increases to 1 ¼ inches near the base, that way you can keep it as shallow or as deep as you want depending on how your training is going. A great option for newbies looking to enjoy shameless self pleasure, the translucent jelly has realistic features but in a more subtle discrete color.

Length: 6 inches
Diameter: 1 inch across the tip, 1 1/4 inches mid shaft
Material: Jelly
Latex Free: Yes
Phthalates Free: Yes
Color Options: Blue, Pink, Purple
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