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Blow Him Away

Written by a speech pathologist an unexpected expert on blow jobs!

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An informative manual covering all aspects of a good blow job. Topics include mouth exercises, neck positions and a few other interesting pointers for both the giver and receiver. To summarize, the book's practical advice mostly targets beginners. A nice gift to tuck away for newlyweds who remained abstinent until marriage.

A talented fellatio expert probably will not benefit as much, since the tips are quite basic, but if he winces during your blow jobs, a few refreshers and advice may be in order. It is important to note author credentials: Marcy Micheals is a speech pathologist - which is rather funny when you think about it! That style of cheeky humor sets the tone throughout the pages.

This blow job book is funny and humorous while being practical. A person will never look at a speech pathologist the same! Who knew they were so good at giving blow jobs? The co-author is Marie de Salle who likely added input to create this unique little pocketbook for better blow jobs.

Paperback 176 pages

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