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Blow Each Other Away

More than just step-by step, this manual reaches all aspects of sexuality.

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This oral sex guidebook is not your typical step-by-step instructional manual. To understand what it's like, we need to mention the author's credentials: Jaiya is a sex therapist who works face to face with couples mending sexual gaps in their relationship and helping love blossom. She teaches us how to be free and enjoy the intimacy that lovemaking provides. Jaiya has been teaching sex through unconventional methods for over 15 years. She works "hands on" with couples, also known assexological bodyworking.

She goes above and beyond the simple sex tips that anyone technically could find on the internet. Her sex tips explore the deepest reaches of the emotional and psychological connections derived from her personal experience working with actual couples. This book provides a similar read; it is an experience touching on all aspects of human sexuality. All excerpts touch on the act of oral sex, the couple will feel more relax with lovemaking in general but will have mainly brushed their skills for mutual oral pleasure.

Paperback 256 pages

Table of Contents:
1 - How Opera Taught Me to Give Amazing Oral Sex
2 - Surfing the Pleasure Wave
3 - A Woman's Pleasure Map
4 - Connected Cunnilingus
5 - Tips for Tasting Him
6 - Fabulous Fellatio
7 - Kindly Kissing he Kinky
8 - Awesome Anilingus
9 - Let's Eradicate Shame - There's Pleasure to Gain
10 - Mutual Positions & Marvelous Playthings

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Blow Each Other Away
Blow Each Other Away Blow Each Other Away
You'll love shopping with Us! Free shipping over $59, Discreet shipping, Discreet Billing