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Nipple Nibblers

Flavored slippery nipple wax - take a nibble!

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There are several nipple gels, pastes and creams on the market, so how does one choose without being overwhelmed by suggestion? By offering a nipple wax! Nipple wax is the best formula over any other type, it's not as weird as you think!

Put your peculiar questions aside, a waxy paste is the ideal formula for the nipples. Here's why: Gels are sticky; liquids are runny. Only a wax can thoroughly coat the perky nipples. Let your lover put a dollop on his fingertip to rub intricately around your magic button and watch it grow! The slickness feels great and once he can not take the temptation anymore, he is free to lick it off (this wax is an edible product.) There we go, the ultimate solution for messy nipple creams!

Comes in a 1.25 ounce tub.

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