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Male Nipple Suckers: 9 Best Nipple Suckers for Men

Male Nipple Suckers: 9 Best Nipple Suckers for Men

Last Updated on September 14, 2023

Men nipple sucker? Yes! Contrary to popular belief, male nipple suckers are more popular than female nipple suckers. Yes, ladies enjoy nipple stimulation during foreplay, but what we don't know is how many men are enjoying suction, licking, biting, caressing – you name it, he loves it.

Men everywhere are secretly enjoying nipple play toys. They are buying male nipple sucker toys online. Don't believe me? Take a peek at the selection of nipple suckers for sale and you'll notice most of them are black, the color ideologically targeted towards men. We have two pink, one purple and 8 black.

So if you're a dude and thought about asking your partner to suck on your nipples during sex, it's not weird. Guys everywhere are jumping onboard the with the joys of tit stimulation. Gay, straight, it doesn't matter, they'll enjoy it just the same.

Today we'll talk a bit about why men nipple suckers pack more power than their female counterparts and highlight the best nipple suckers for men along with some interesting features to consider like vibrating, twist pumps, silicone and stimulators with sexual benefits for guys.

The concept of use is the same regardless of your gender, but before you read my step by step nipple sucker instructions, men benefit from trimming the hair around the areola if there is a lot of hair present. It will help provide a better air seal allowing stronger vacuum suction to build up inside the cup or bulb.

Nipple Play Suckers

Men Nipple Suckers and the Taboo

Why isn't male nipple stimulation more common? Why do we automatically assume its just for the ladies? Enter the grand taboo, the double standard about sexualizing areolas and breasts.

“Fear exists around the exploration of male nipple stimulation because nipples have been over-feminized,” says Sexologist Tyomi Morgan. “Many men choose not to delve into nipple play because of what they perceive it will mean for their masculinity.” Women are taught about breasts as an erogenous zone, but we are rarely taught about the erotic pleasure potential for men. It's a darn shame.

“Male and female nipples both contain a dense supply of nerves that function as a major stimulatory organ. The difference is that the nerve network in the male nipple is denser, which means the sensory response to stimuli is typically more discreet. Male nipples are no less sensitive to stimulation than female nipples.” ~ Tyomi Morgan

9 Best Male Nipple Suckers

So now that you've been convinced that nipple suction cups & toys are a worthy addition to any dudes sex toy collection, gay or not, it's time to present the best nipple suckers for men available for sale:

Oxballs Male Nipple Suckers

Oxballs Male Nipple Suckers

Oxballs Male Nipple Suckers are the manliest looking pair of nipple suckers we've ever seen! Keep your masculinity intact during nipple stimulation with these extraordinarily stylish looking nipple suckers with diamond plate visual detailing. Features a pulling handle so you can add weights for more intense pleasure. Also adds kinky versatility to foreplay - get your lover to pull them with their teeth!

Boosters Male Nipple Suckers

Boosters Male Nipple Suckers

Boosters Male Nipple Suckers are the biggest and baddest of them all. Looking for the ultimate in suction? The over sized bulbs provide forceful vacuum across a wider space. The bulb is larger than most giving the ability to squeeze more air - and thus creating stronger suction when you let go.

The opening diameter is 1 1/4 inches across so you'll be able to stuff a lot of the areola in there too effectively maximizing vacuum pressure in only 1 squeeze. Simple perfection, the best of them all!

Silicone Nipple Suckers for Men

Silicone Nipple Suckers for Men

Silicone Nipple Suckers for Men are a gentle option for men who want to enjoy suction, but in a more gentle form. The highly flexible and pliable nipple suction cups provide gentle sucking across a wider space.

The bulb is softer than most for superior comfort. If you find your other nipple pumping sex toy is too strong, tone it down with this softer, gentler model that is more discreet and welcoming for the hesitant beginner.

Play Male Nipple Suction Toys

Play Male Nipple Suction Toys

Play Male Nipple Suction Toys are newly re-designed to be better - new and improved, I guess you could say! You may be familiar with the cylindrical structure, this was the original tubular nipple suction toy that was released over a decade ago.

It was stiff, often uncomfortable rubber, but they've been redesigned to be softer more pliable silicone. If you prefer a localized touch without wrapping the entire areola in the action, these are your best choice.

Muscle Male Nipple Pumps

Muscle Male Nipple Pumps

Muscle Male Nipple Pumps are the most outrageous nipple pumps we've ever seen. Sure they look overly extravagant and maybe even unnecessarily complicated, but if you take your tit pumping seriously, they absolutely deliver unending powerful suction.

They are the strongest nipple pumps available for sale, without question. In fact, they are so strong, we must advise you to pump in short strokes because they have massive vacuum force.

Sexperiments Nipple Suction Cups

Boosters Male Nipple Suction Toys

Boosters Male Nipple Suction Toys are the first mens nipple toys that let you observe the action happening inside the cylinder! The flared clear plastic suction cup rests more comfortably against the areola, leaving plenty of space for them to get pumped high into the tube.

The black silicone bulbs attached to the top of the cylinders are easy to squeeze. At the bottom of the plastic cylinder, flared circular bases fit nicely around the areola and are more comfortable compared to a plastic cup with a hard edge.

Twist Male Nipple Suckers

Twist Male Nipple Suckers

Twist Male Nipple Suckers are screw style tall nipple pumps for men with a stylish masculine appearance. If you think a squeeze bulb is too flimsy or tame for your personal style, these are the best option for men who care about visual appeal.

Your lover will enjoy the sight too as your nipples get pumped full with vacuum leaving them with an erotic engorged appearance. They are lightweight so you can walk around with them stuck to your breasts. Of all men nipple suckers for sale, these are by far the most masculine offering a hardcore almost fetish look.

Erector Nipple Toys Set

Erector Nipple Toys Set

Erector Nipple Toys Set includes 2 squeeze bulbs with cylinders and 3 sets of rubber rings. Sure we all enjoy the titillating sensation of nipple pumping, but once blood flows back into the body, the tingling dissipates too. If you slide one of the rings over the nipple immediately after pumping, it keeps the blood in the tissue and maintains the tingling heightened sensation that feels so great. You can safely wear the rings for the duration of sex or masturbation, about 20 minutes or so.

Fetish Vibrating Nipple Suckers

Fetish Vibrating Nipple Suckers

Fetish Vibrating Nipple Suckers include 2 separate widely rimmed cups, one to cover each nipple, and one hand bulb pump that controls them both. Mini vibrating bullets sit on top of each cup and can be controlled individually.

The position of the vibrator encourages the vibration waves to be evenly distributed across the men nipple sucker cups enhancing sensation in a serious way. Since one bulb controls vacuum in both cups, you'll need your lover to hold them on your breasts – our testers determined that it is a bit tricky to use alone!

Male Nipple Play Tips

How to get the most of your male nipple suction cups? I have a few Sexpert tips that make nip sex toys more fun:

  • Nipple Clamps:Male nipple clamps have a continuous pinch that feels highly erotic. Try weighted or vibrating nipple clamps before or after using suction cups for an extra kick of stimulation. For advanced users only, it can get pretty intense!
  • Nipple vibrators: A vibrating nipple play toy is an exciting and highly stimulating way to create intense sexual arousal during nipple play. Check my guide for ideas on toys that vibrate on the nipples.
  • Nipple Gel: Tingling arousal gels add a stimulating sensation. They can be cinnamon or peppermint flavored that makes the area feel tingly. A sure fire ways to stimulate the erogenous zones on the body. originally for the clitoris, but you CAN use them on the nipples too!
  • Bullet vibrator: Hold a bullet vibrator over the nipple. These are again sex toys made for the female clit, but any good Sexpert will fill you in on a little secret: Any sex toy for the clitoris is perfect to use as a nipple stimulator too!

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