Vibrating Nipple Pumps

Orgasmic enhancement from nipple stimulation.

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Powerful suction and classy look, with strong vibrations for an orgasmic addition to any sex or masturbation session. Are you looking to have an orgasmic experience from nipple stimulation? This is the sexy toy for you!

This pump has 2 separate pumps, one to cover each nipple, and one hand bulb pump that controls them both. Mini vibrating bullets sit on top of each nipple cup and can be controlled individually.

Pumping your nipple fills them with blood and engorges them, making them more sensitive and plump. This will give you much more pleasure during sex or masturbation. Adding vibration to the suction will push you that much farther over the edge!

The nipple cups are made of a firm jelly, which is the most comfortable material for your delicate breasts. Add a small drop of lubrication to each cup and spread it around the rim before placing on your nipples will help ease your nipples in, very gently and smoothly.

As you pump the bulb, you will feel your nipples being sucked into the cup. The pump is very strong but is 100% controlled by you, so you pump until you are comfortable, which accommodates each individuals tolerance levels. Once you are pumped to your preferred tightness, turn the dials on the mini bullet vibrators and enjoy a powerful vibration. When you are finished, the hand bulb features a quick release button, making it easy to remove the cups.

Diameter: Each nipple cup measures about 2 inches
Batteries: Each bullet vibrator requires 3 cell batteries, included
Bullet Vibrator Length: 2 1/4 inches
Bullet Vibrator Diameter: 1/2 inch
Bullet vibrators are not removable from the cups.

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