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Muscle Pumps

The strongest & most outrageous nipple pumps ever!

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Wow - these are the most outrageous nipple pumps we've ever seen. If you have a wild personality and like crazy new things, pick this set of oversized, heavy duty nipple pumps and get ready for serious pleasure. Sure they look overly big, but if you take your nipple pumping seriously, they absolutely deliver unending powerful suction.

They are the strongest nipple pumps available for sale, without question. In fact, they are so strong, we must advise you to pump in short strokes because they have massive vacuum force. The handle is similar to a penis pump, it rests in the palm of your hand. You'll only need 1/2 a pump to create powerful suction. The flexible silicone tubing can move as needed, but will never kink and impede vacuum suction.

A valve on the tubing above each nipple cup enables individual use, this allows you to connect the nipple cups to your body one at a time. It's an useful feature if you do not have a partner to hold the cups for you as it would be difficult to use by yourself. By using the valves, Muscle Pumps are easy to use by yourself. A metal tab on the cup itself disconnects the pumps from the tubing so you can wear the pumps stuck to your nipples without the tubing and handle getting in your way.

1. Open the valves on the hose by turning them parallel with the hose.
2. Hold the cups over your nipples.
3. Pull the handle trigger downwards to create vacuum suction.
4. Press the metal tab and detach the hose from the nipple cup.
5. To remove the cup from your body, either peel it off your skin, or re-attach the tubing to the cup and press the black quick release valve on top of the handle to instantly reverse the vacuum.

Nipple Cup Length: 2 inches
Nipple Cup Diameter: 1 inch (inside diameter)
Material: Silicone tubing, Plastic cups
Latex Free: Yes
Phthalates Free: Yes

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