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Erect Nipple Gel

Cherry flavored gel adds tingling sensations!

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Tasty cherry flavored gel offers a subtle tingle that stimulates the nipples and helps them stay erect. It's edible, tasty and safe to ingest. Clear gel is not runny at all either, when you surround the areola, the gel stays there and makes then shiny, attractive and delicious when your liver gives the nipples a good suck.

Formulated with ingredients that create a tingling sensation, this erotic enhancement is excellent for those who experience nipple orgasms - just like clitoral gel, it makes every touch feel better because of the heightened sensitivity from increased blood flow to the area. Rub it on the nipple and enjoy the long lasting tingling feeling! It also heightens sensitivity making every pinch and lick feel much more vibrant.

Cherry flavored edible nipple gel comes in a 5 oz. tube.

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