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Door Cuffs for Kinky Couples

Keep arms in the air with this door restraint system.

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Are you the adventurous type? Looking to make your sex life more exciting? This is THE accessory to need to buy! Door Cuffs for Kinky Couples is perfect for small spaces and is one of our most popular restraint systems. It allows you to expose your partners body leaving them totally submissive to your whims. Perfect for small spaces too!

The door cuffs come with 2 separate restrains. Each restraint features strong, heavy-duty plastic tubing which prevents the strap from slipping through the door. The plastic tube goes on the outside of the door, while the nylon strap connected to the tube slips over the door and towards the inside.

Then at the bottom of the nylon strap is a wrist cuff for your lovers hands. The cuffs close with Velcro, which is one of the strongest materials and preferred for use with restraint cuffs by bondage product designers. Keep your lovers hands up high and ride them against the door all night long!
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