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Vibrating Clitoral Sucker

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Ready for the most intense clit suction ever? Even though the appearance of this design seems simple, within lies the craziest vacuum suction of all our clit pumps. An indication of its potential lies within the over sized squeeze bulb at the top. One squeeze is all you need to unleash the force!

When vacuum suction is used, it will be strong enough to hold the device hands free over the clit from the powerful suction. The elongated and oblong solid gel cup mirrors the shape of the clitoral hood.

There are 2 ways to position the device for suction: The first option is to lift the labia and place just the clit inside the cup. It is large enough to draw the entire button into the dome.

The second option is to hold the cup over the labia and hood and let everything get scooped up together. The pink gel cup is firm and smooth, it won't bend which is a good feature in order to prevent air leaks during use.

Twist the black cap on the base to start the mild vibrations. We appreciate the wireless vibrator that is self contained within the device. The vibration is subtle and practically silent providing a gentle addition to contrast of the powerful suction. This is one of the best clit pumps in our review.

Total Length:
3 1/2 inches
Cup Width:
3/4 of an inch
Cup Length:
1 1/4 inches
3 cells, included
Plastic vibrator, rubber bulb, gel clitoral cup
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:
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