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Essentials Beaded

Tight sleeve with 24 beads that rub your dick in unison.

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You've likely seen masturbators with 2 rows of beads, but have you ever seen a masturbator with 4 rows of beads? Probably not. We have never seen one either, until today.

A pretty exciting addition to the catalog, a masturbator stuffed with 4 rows of 6 metal beads equal 24 pleasure bumps to rub along your dick while stroking. They are so jammed packed in there that the crunching and jiggling of the beads as they contact each other is audible during masturbation.

Savor a buffet of sensation, the thick silicone sleeve keeps the balls far away from your skin, however, so men never feel a pinch or unwanted poke. The end is open, but the 4 sealed bead tunnels prevent the beads from popping out during use. The masturbator sleeve itself is extra thick, a substantial heavy feeling that is thicker than most other male sex toys.

It is also tight. A good sized dollop of lube will help the penis tip slide in easier, but once inside, the shaft should follow easily. This product is one of the tighter beaded masturbators out there, so the overly well endowed man may have a hard time getting himself in there all the way.

Length: 5 inches
Diameter: 1 3/4 inches
Material:Firm silicone
Latex Free: Yes
Phthalates Free: Yes

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