Clitoral Stimulators

Clitoral stimulators are a perfect foreplay aid for couples and make sex toys fun. Mini vibrators and finger toys are an ideal adult gift idea. Clitoral stimulator toys are small hand held devices designed to increase sexual stimulation and encourage female orgasms without vaginal penetration. Pocket rockets & tiny clit vibrators are the perfect discreet womens sex toy for first timers, the non-phallic shape won't scare the timid lady.

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  1. Pussy Pleaser
    Pussy Pleaser
    $15.38 $18.99 You Save $3.61
    Padded spiky cup pulses pleasure through your body.
  2. Mini Mite
    Mini Mite
    $11.33 $13.99 You Save $2.66

    Discreet vibe sets the mood for frisky adult playtime.

  3. Neon Rabbit
    Neon Rabbit
    $11.33 $13.99 You Save $2.66
    Sexy, cute & fun clitoral toy for first timers.
  4. Tingly Finger
    Tingly Finger
    $14.57 $17.99 You Save $3.42

    Discreet indented mini vibe with surprising power.

  5. Micro Venus Butterfly
    Micro Venus Butterfly
    $20.24 $24.99 You Save $4.75

    The best wireless butterfly vibrator for petite women.

  6. Mini Travel Wand
    Mini Travel Wand
    $12.14 $14.99 You Save $2.85
    Perfect feminine wand vibrator with pretty gems adds a luxurious look.
  7. Strap-on Bunny Vibrator
    Strap-on Bunny Vibrator
    $23.48 $29.99 You Save $6.51

    Hands-free strap on rabbit vibrator with penetration.

  8. Sexy Things Rocker
    Sexy Things Rocker
    $9.71 $11.99 You Save $2.28

    Discreet yet elegant budget rocket vibe for ladies.

  9. Cloud 9 Wand
    Cloud 9 Wand
    $21.05 $25.99 You Save $4.94

    Powerful mini vibe with soft, tickling sleeve.

  10. Wish Wand
    Wish Wand
    $18.62 $22.99 You Save $4.37

    Stunning power, classy look & handy size.

  11. Too Cute
    Too Cute
    $25.91 $31.99 You Save $6.08

    USB charged mini wand with quiet vibration.

  12. Turbo Wand
    Turbo Wand
    $17.81 $21.99 You Save $4.18

    Our strongest & biggest wand vibrator yet!

  13. Finger Tease Sleeves
    Finger Tease Sleeves
    $8.09 $9.99 You Save $1.90

    2 pack finger sleeves with different textures.

  14. Magnetic Rocket
    Magnetic Rocket
    $12.95 $15.99 You Save $3.04

    Textured sleeve or smooth tip; you choose!

  15. Clitoral Pump
    Clitoral Pump
    $25.10 $30.99 You Save $5.89

    Feminine design feels fierce when suctioned to the clitoris!

  16. Venus Butterfly Pump
    Venus Butterfly Pump
    $29.96 $36.99 You Save $7.03

    Large clitoral / vaginal pump with teasing solid probe.

  17. Revitalize Kit
    Revitalize Kit
    $17.81 $21.99 You Save $4.18

    Luxurious toy kit comes in an attractive gift box.

  18. Pocket Party
    Pocket Party
    $12.14 $14.99 You Save $2.85

    Pocket rocket with soft rabbit sleeve has a perfect purpose!

  19. Basic Pocket Rocket
    Basic Pocket Rocket
    $9.71 $11.99 You Save $2.28

    The only pocket rocket vibe with warmer rubber tips.

  20. Finger Play Vibe
    Finger Play Vibe
    $15.38 $18.99 You Save $3.61

    A groundbreaking multi-function finger vibrator for couples.

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Items 21-40 of 95