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Mini Beginners Anal Toy

Skinniest tapered shaft is a first timer's dream to use.

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Small and gentle, the way a first timers vibrating anal toy is supposed to be. Lightly vibrating to provide a little extra to your experience. The smooth, shiny rubber looks good, and the solid ridges are a real treat to your sex life.

Despite the fact this solid vibrator cannot bend, it still feels nice in the tushy because the shaft narrows at the tip. In fact, the solidity helps to convey vibration better and rubs the body the right way. It carries a noticeable sensation which makes the user feel as they got their money's worth.

Virtually silent vibrations will never distract as you enjoy this exciting feeling for the first time. Tiny and simple Mini Beginners Anal Toy demonstrate what anal stimulation is like without being too cumbersome.

5 3/8 inches
Varies from 1/4 inch to 7/8 inch
Batteries: 1 AAA, not included
TPR Silicone
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free: Yes
Color Options:
Blue, Purple
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