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20 Types of Dildos for your Sexual Bucket List

Last Updated on March 29, 2024

Here to buy a dildo? Before you begin shopping, browse though my ultimate types of dildos guide. I've added some pointers, included secret unknown tips and highlighted some interesting features that you'd never know unless you've tried one of these dildo styles yourself.

Total newbie wondering what is a dildo? I have the expertise to back this up, so let's call this the best insiders dildo guide ever written.

Table of Contents

First think about how many variations of a penis beyond a beginner dildo can possibly exist? Typically not a question in anyone's mind, until they start shopping online. Reading through these types of dildos will help you to finalize your selection and be sure your new dildo is the best choice.

Most dildos look like a realistic penis because this is what they are meant to re-create. They can have balls or be uncircumcised. The sizes vary significantly from small to large, and some dildo shafts are curved for G Spot stimulation. Looks matter and some even have hand-painted veins to fully replicate a real erection.

1. Dildo with Balls

Basic 6 Inch Dildo

Dildos with balls are not just a pretty appendage to make it look realistic, there is a purpose to this form of sex toy styling. Check my page with dildo instructions for all the details.

When inserted all the way, the balls make contact the thighs with a similar slapping motion you'll experience when fully engaged in hot passionate hard-thrusting love with a man. If this sensation piques your interest, we suggest shopping for a shorter shaft to ensure it can insert it all the way - remember the vagina is only so deep!

A 6 inch dildo style is the best length to take advantage of this feature. Dildos with balls stand up on their own too and are the female sex toy with a built-in handle; you'll discover that the scrotum with a flat base fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

2. Dildo without Balls

Cloud 9 Thick Dildo

Fans of this style will confess it is easier to maneuver than a bulky penis with balls, but since it lacks balls for a handle, the shaft should be long enough to be able to hold during the deepest penetrations. Be aware of how deep you'll want to go with the straight dildo without balls. The 6 inch dildo is the most common choice for beginners.

Furthermore, a lady can tilt the end upwards slightly during self pleasure, which allows more comfort of the hands and arms while thrusting. Takes up much less space, easy to wrap in a towel for discreet storage and less material means a cheaper price for the customer in the end. On a budget? Check out our most affordable & cheap dildos here.

3. Realistic Dildos

Mr. Grande

The penis dildo is the most common type of dildo; in fact, the realistic dildo is the top selling sex toy for women. This style has the most varied range of price points from cheap & basic to luxurious & expensive. It all depends on the materials used, the quality of the rubber and the true to life detailing of the head, wrinkles, veins, scrotum etc.

When a lady is in the mood for solo sex, the realistic dildo is the ideal type that satisfies the urge of intercourse. She can enjoy a sexual fantasy in her mind and imagine it is is a hunky lover who has the perfect moves! I love to tell couples to use a realistic cock together. It's the perfect way to “warm up” the vagina before intercourse.

Blush Small Realistic Dildo

Blush Small Realistic Dildo - $25

Beginners take note: This one's for you! Smooth realistic penis dildo with just enough flex to feel great.

Thin Tip Real Life Dildo

Thin Tip Real Life Dildo - $60

A dual density dildo that feels just like real skin, but has a tapered head for effortless vaginal insertion.

4. Real Skin Dildos

Ultra Skin Medium

These are the best, most amazing and the most realistic feeling sex toy ever made. Real skin dildos are made of realistic feeling silicone designed to imitate the feel of a real erection. They capture body heat quickly and retain heat to better imitate the feel of sex. If you're wondering if a dildo feels real, the Real Skin types sure do!

They don't always looks realistic however because the silicone surface is too soft and supple to retain the minute detail that a firmer rubber life like dildo can. If you seek a realistic look, go with the typical rubber realistic cock. The most ultra realistic feeling dildo is a true marvel of wonder accurately replicating the feel of real skin with its Dual Density construction.

If you seek a life like feel, choose the Real Skin silicone dildo. The higher end ( more expensive) styles have “dual density” shafts which mean there are two layers of silicone used in the molding process; the core is denser than the surface layer. The combination of these two layers better imitates a real man's erection.

5. Suction Cup Dildos

Prince Dildo

A feature so popular that at almost every single new release has one, suction cup dildos are awesome because not only can they be used in a shower, bathtub or strap on harness, but the suction cup base is an excellent handle for your hand to hold. Press it on the palm of your hand and thrust away! We love it's kinky properties and they're ideal for couples who enjoy a good adventure in the bedroom.

The most common reason a lady will buy a suction cup dildo is to stick it on the shower wall. The wall dildo, as it's also known, allows her to bounce and thrust hands-free. It's truly the only hands-free dildo styles. King Cock dildos are one of the most highly desired brands.

Additionally, the suction dildo fits in pretty much any strap on harness O ring so they are all harness compatible for couples seeking a new attachment for sex play. Most suction cup bases are extremely powerful, others are not, so we've mentioned in each description how powerful the suction base is on any particular toy. Get some tips in the guide on ways to use a suction dildo.

6. Double Dildos

Double Trouble Dildo

Double dildos come in 2 styles: The double headed dildo which is a 12, 16 or 18 inch long shaft with a penis head on each end, and the double penetration dildo which is a U shaped type of dildo designed for DP. Although you can bend the regular double header into a U shape, we find that the ones that are naturally molded that way are easier to penetrate into the vagina and anus at the same time.

The extra long shaft of the straight double ender is a kinky delight to play with, the added length is easy to grasp so even if you never intend to use both heads at the same time, don't discredit this unique type because you'll find it easy to maneuver, and it will surely add a kinky air to your sex play.

If you want a touch of naughtiness in the bedroom, the double ended is an excellent choice. The double header is somewhat of an elaboration upon the aforementioned "dildo without balls" category.

7. Glass Dildos

Twisted Glass Dildo

I'm an avid cheerleader for the glass dildo. There's nothing else quite like it – the feel of it gliding, the heavy weight – it all culminates into a fantastic sexual experience. Its one of those “you'll understand once you try it” type of things where words can't describe how they feel, you'll need to use one to understand.

What is a glass dildo? It is constructed with Pyrex style glass, shatterproof and shouldn't break or chipped if dropped. (I'm sure it would be possible, but it's never happened to me). Glass sex toys have unique textures such as ripples & bumps that add a pleasant touch to your solo sex. Couples enjoy using them together because it looks highly erotic when her partner watches with a first person perspective as it penetrates her vagina.

They come in all size ranges including small & large glass dildos. Women prefer glass sex toys for their hypo allergenic non-porous qualities. It is the safest sex toy to use, the easiest to clean and it will never decay, melt or dry out. Consider glass dildos like a one-time purchase you'll never need to replace. It's an excellent investment for the budget minded sex toy shopper.

Tomás's Realistic Vibrating Dildo

Tomás Realistic Vibrating Dildo - $45

A top-selling irresistibly soft and elegant Latin vibrator with quiet multi speed vibration.

8 Inch Natural Realistic Dildo

8 Inch Natural Realistic Dildo - $49

Stocky & thick dual density dildo with suction cup available in 3 realistic skin color tones.

8. Squirting Dildos

Squirting Realistic Cock

Dildos that cum offer a brand new style of interactive erotic play. Squirting dildos have a narrow hollow center with an opening on the tip of the penis head. A reservoir contains fluid (you can use water or cum lube) and when you squeeze or press the plunger, it squirts!

Some ejaculating dildos are completely self contained, the reservoir is located in the testicles. The best squirting dildos have a bulb that attaches to the base of the cock, or it can have rubber tubing that attaches to a separate plunger or syringe style applicator.

Formulas of lube that looks like cum or fake semen recipes to make your own cum for ejaculating dildos abound throughout the internet and some people like to use egg whiles as the ejaculate, but we advise against that because the tubing & reservoir can be difficult to sterilize, so bacteria growth can be a problem.

The natural balance of bacteria in the vagina can easily be disrupted by introducing common kitchen ingredients resulting in a yeast infection. We suggest using cum lube, water-based lubricant or water only.

9. Softest Dildos

Mr. Perfect

This is a type of dildo that you won't see categorized anywhere else. We've added a dedicated soft dildos category because we were receiving phone calls and emails on a daily basis asking which dildos are the softest.

Unique to The Adult Toy Shop, the soft dildos category features a combination of all styles that are highly flexible, bendable, delicate, and extra soft - some are even gummy soft.

There is even a flaccid dildo that imitates an un-erect penis. Soft sex toys are ideal for women who need a gentle touch. They come in all sizes too, but most women who want to upgrade to the largest girth they've ever used choose a soft one first because the wide bendable shaft eases into the vagina gently and feels comfortable & cozy during insertion.

10. Curved Dildos

Large Curved Dildo

When one thinks of a toy for the G Spot, the curved dildo is a type that's often overshadowed by the G Spot vibrator. Never underestimate the potential of the curved penis shaft! It combines a realistic feel with the right angle to rub the G-spot. It also happens to be the best ergonomic shape for penetration while your partner wears it attached to a strap on.

Men use G-spot dildos to stimulate the prostate, or male P Spot. Guys typically choose a thin & small curved dildo style, of which there are plenty! There are two types of dildos in this category:

The G Spot dildo toy with a naturally curved shaft with a steep angle that forces the head to touch her G Spot upon insertion.

The second style has a naturally straight shaft with a spine inside the middle that bends. The bendable / flexible shaft stays in the angle you've chosen so you can customize the angle of entry.

11. Black Dildos

King Cock Medium

Dildos come in all color shades, but the black dildo is the best selling color option. We've organized all black dildos including realistic, jelly, rubber, silicone and even vibrating into one section to make it easy to find the black dildo you like best.

There are 2 types of black dildos: The first style has a similar black color tone of human flesh, some resemble a deep chocolate brown and have rich tones. The second style is pitch black like a Sharpie marker or oil based paint.

We've added a few realistically shaped vibrating models in there too to offer the customer some additional unique alternatives to choose from. Sure you can always choose any color from the filter section on the left hand menu (or choose “shop by” at the top of the page on a mobile phone), but this section transcends all categories so you can see everything at once.

12. Jelly Dildos

Jelly Jewels Ballsy

Not all jellies are created equal! Most people assume that “jelly” means soft, but that's not true. We have several firm jelly dildos that are perfect for a hard thrusting good time, but also soft jelly for an easy, gentle experience. The main reason someone would choose a brightly colored sex toy is for discretion – perhaps they don't want a toy that looks exactly like a penis, but want to replicate the feel of one at home.

To have a pretty color like blue, purple or pink dildo adds a touch of femininity and class to your adult toys collection. What does it feel like? Most gel dildos are rubber based, so the slippery feel is comparable to a typical rubber sex toy.

In the past, jelly toys were made with softening materials called phthalates that were found to be toxic for the body. Thanks to the health conscious evolution of the sex toy industry, gel dildos are now non-toxic and phthalates free.

13. Cyberskin Dildos

Cyberskin European Dildo

One of the original life like feeling sex toy brands, Cyberskin dildos provide the user with a warm, soft and utterly impressive life like experience. There's no other material quite like it – it's really soft and malleable. Many Cyberskin dildos are thick because it's the perfect way to enjoy a fantasy of a big, fat dildo without hurting yourself; Cyberskin is gentle and eases into the vagina nicely.

They retain body heat better than any other style, so if you hate the cold chill of a cheap sex toy, pick the warm and fleshy premium Cyberskin toy and enjoy a luxurious sensation.

It's important to keep your Cyberskin dildo hydrated or it can dry out. Sprinkle talcum powder over the surface if you plan on storing it for a long time (over a month). Be sure to rinse it off before using. If it dries out, you'll notice pinhole dents forming on the surface which can grow and turn into larger tears.

Speaking of maintenance, it's important to know how to clean a dildo made of delicate realistic material such as Cyberskin to make sure the surface stays hydrated and in good condition.

Real Cocks Uncircumcised Dildo

Real Cocks Uncircumcised Dildo - $59

This brand new 6 inch uncut dildo features foreskin that moves independently from the penis shaft.

Medium Realrock Soft Dildo Toy

Medium Realrock Soft Dildo Toy - $38

You'll have a soft spot for this gentle medium sized dildo with flared mushroom tip for pleasure.

14. Small Dildos

Sunrise Ribbed Dildo

We're a popular sex shop for women looking for beginner dildos. As such, we've created a small dildos category perfect for first timers. These includes toys that are thin, short or both! Small dildos are the best choice for seniors and petite women who simply can't handle a large toy.

Just because the toy is small doesn't mean it can't bring pleasure – we have a vast assortment of textures and styles that are sure to appeal to everyone looking for a type of dildo for a beginner. Sizes start at 4 inches long, but the typical length of a small sex toy is 6 inches. The usual diameter is 1 inch across. Men shop from this category too and use them as anal probes or prostate stimulators.

15. Large Dildos


Women shop for large dildos because they can't find a real man that big! All joking aside, there's nothing to be ashamed about if you have a sexual fantasy of being with a porn star or a well hung bed buddy. It's actually more common than you think.

You can buy a lusty penis replica in any size you can handle (or dare yourself to try!) – upgrade to something big and train yourself to get that far. The wide stretch feels amazingly erotic in a naughty way. Some thick dildos are 2 or 3 inches in diameter, others are stocky at only 6 inches but the biggest stand in at 12 inches. Thinking of a fetish themed night? You've come to the right place.

16. Strap On Dildos

American Dildo Harness

Perfect for playful couples, strap ons are the epitome of sexual sharing. We have harnesses just for men, unisex styles and the most realistic strap on compatible dildos that anyone can wear and double penetration harnesses just for women.

You can also shop for strap on dildos by length & width. If you'd like to be able to replace it with another attachment, you can filter by “removable dildo” in the menu to choose a style which the attachment is interchangeable.

The newest style of strap on dildo is for pegging, which is the act of a woman who penetrates the man's anus. The hollow dildo is made for men who cannot get an erection, the flaccid penis is held inside the hollow core while waist & thigh straps keep the device in place on his pelvis. Strap on dildos are a very popular toy for both straight and gay partners of all genders.

17. Harness Compatible Dildos

All American

We have several pre made harness kits for couples, but if you're a seeking specific size, color shape or texture, check out the harness compatible dildos section and browse through nearly a hundred additional styles that will fit a strap on. We're proud to be the best sex shop for couples looking to make their own sex toy kit, no one else offers as many combinations as The Adult Toy Shop.

We know these all work too - I personally fitted each dildo to a harness to make sure it fits! Pick a harness only, then add it with a dildo for the strap on and voila – you've now created your own unique combo! The best part? You an always come back and pick another attachment when you get bored of the old one. This is one of our most popular categories so we keep it fresh and add new options on a monthly basis.

18. Dildos for Men

Mini Curved

Men everywhere are getting on the prostate stimulation bandwagon, so we're happy to announce the creation of the dildos for men category geared specifically for toys a man can stick in his butt. We have plenty of choices for the newbie and beginners looking to try it for the first time, but also have some wide options for men looking to upgrade their size.

The inflatable option is the top shelf choice offering a totally one of a kind feel that can never be replicated with anything else. The addition of anal stimulation during masturbation makes his orgasm extremely hard and longer lasting. Ejaculations are fiercer than normal for a huge impact on his sexual enjoyment. For the curious, we classified the type of dildos for men by size so check the small ones and pick something that is 1 inch in diameter or less.

19. Inflatable Dildos

Hefty Inflatable Probe

It all started in the back door – now the inflatable dildo shares the spot light with the other blow up anal toys, plugs and probes. Originally made for men, inflatable anal toys insert at a normal size and inflate to add even pressure throughout the rectum. There is a quick release button that deflates the toy after use. This is the only way a person an enjoy a wide feel inside the anus without harming damage to the anus during insertion.

The balloon inside the bum enhances orgasms for both men & women. The inflatable dildo has the same application, but women are using them vaginally to experience the feel of a full and complete stretch. Most inflatable dildos vibrate, the tingle pulses through the balloon and spread evenly though the body. It's truly a sensation to behold!

20. Vibrating Dildos

American Penis Vibe

Like the cherry on top of a Sundae, the motor inside a vibrating dildo is the perfect enhancement to complete the experience. Sure it may reduce the realism because men don't vibrate, but it will increase the strength of your orgasms.

The buzzing inside your body amplifies the feeling of the muscles clenching during orgasm. The motor is positioned in 2 places: First just under the penis head for deep internal vibration, secondly mid-shaft for vibrations near the vaginal entry.

These two opposing placements feel vastly different from each other, but you'll never be able to know where it is from the photographs, so in each product description we've written where the motor is located. We think that vibrating dildo styles are a great choice because if you don't want to use the vibration, simply leave the motor off; but if you want extra stimulation, load up the batteries and activate it!

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