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Tube Cleaner

Less mess compared to bulb style dispensers.

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This anal cleanser differs from most since it's a little tidier to use. You won't need to clean up the mess from the bulb that gushes water into your butt. Rather, you can now dispense water in measurable limited amounts to clean the anus without making a big mess.

Includes 2 attachments, both are the same width but one is shorter than the other. It's perfect for "his & hers" attachments. The black silicone seal inside the syringe and the matching "O" ring underneath the tip prevents leaks. This unit disassembles for easy cleaning and the syringe has a 100ml volume.

To use:
1. Pull the plunger loop at the bottom downwards.
2. Fill the syringe with liquid.
3. Screw on a tip.
4. Insert into the anus.
5. Press the plunger loop upwards to dispense the liquid.

Tip Length:
3 1/4 inches & 4 3/4 inches
Tip Diameter:
Both are 1/2 inch
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:

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