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Cloud 9 Fresh Anal Douche Kit

Our favorite cleaning kit combines business & pleasure.
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This is our favorite anal douche kit. It combines pleasure & business via the three firm rubber nozzle tips with perfect shapes for sexual enjoyment. One nozzle has a curved tip for G-spot or P-spot massaging and 5 holes at the end to splash water evenly inside the body. We love the shape of this nozzle so much that we think it's the perfect prostate toy or G-spot dildo. The firm shaft hits the mark every time. Perfect for guys & gals!

The second tip has a gradual curve that's easy to use by yourself since it ergonomically reaches in the butt without too much awkward twisting of the body. This tip can double as an anal dildo. There are also 5 holes in end of this nozzle. The third tip has holes on the sides in addition to the top for a complete rinse in your butt. The large rubber bulb has heavy duty extra reinforced walls to assure it won't split. This is a well made comprehensive anal cleaning kit for men or women.

Nozzle Length: 4 inches & 6 1/2 inches & 5 inches
Nozzle Diameter: 1/2 inch & 3/4 inch & 1 inch
Material: Soft rubber bulb, firm rubber nozzles
Latex Free: Yes
Phthalates Free: Yes
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