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How to Use Kegel Balls | How do Kegel Balls Work?

How to Use Kegel Balls | How do Kegel Balls Work?

Last Updated on April 6, 2021

Kegel balls for women are one of the more mysterious sex toys on the market. Kegel weights and trainers have been around for centuries. There’s something undeniably erotic about them but at the same time, they are probably the least self-explanatory pelvic floor vaginal exerciser there is.

We are here to provide the explanation on how to use Kegel Balls, but first I'll explore what are Kegel balls, and discuss in detail how Kegel balls work and what they are used for.

Introduction: We'll cover the commonly asked question about how to insert them and benefits of wearing these devices during sex, masturbation and around the house for female pelvic floor Kegel exercise techniques. Further down, I'll list the different types of Kegel weights for women. First, a little history:

What are Kegel Balls?

Kegel exercise balls are thought to have originated in Japan. Eventually, they began to be used in China where they are called Chinese Bells. An alternative spelling for this is also Benoit Balls, but also commonly known as Kegel weights. Later, they could be found in India and Southeast Asia. Eventually, they made their way into Europe, and then to the global stage as popular Kegel trainers for women, now Kegel Balls are known as Ben Wa Balls but the 2 devices are still the same despite the name differences.

Traditional Kegel balls consisted of two hollow brass orbs. One ball would be empty while the other contained a smaller, heavier ball. Sometimes, that ball would contain mercury. Today, the best weighted Kegel balls are made of a variety of materials and are body safe and non-toxic. These devices also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you'd like to skip details and shop now, hop on over to my list of the very best Ben Wah balls for specific suggestions.

Traditional metal Kegel balls
Traditional metal Kegel balls

How to use Kegel balls? They are used by first inserting the empty ball. This is pushed all the way back to the cervix. Next, the second, weighted ball is inserted. It is pushed into place until it makes contact with the first.

After insertion, even the smallest of motions cause the inner material of the weighted or loaded ball to vibrate. One way to use vibrating Kegel Balls is to enhance the experience with a rocking chair or swing in order to intensify the vibrations. You can also walk around the house and use them as vaginal Kegel trainers to tighten your muscles to stop incontinence.

What are the benefits of Kegel balls? Women use them to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, helps with incontinence after childbirth and increase vaginal elasticity. You’ve surely heard of kegel exercises after pregnancy? Well, weighted Kegel exercise balls are believed to provide many of the same benefits as doing these pelvic floor vaginal exercises.

How to Use Kegel Balls

If you also ask how to use Kegel weights, the answer is the same as using a circular, spherical or oblong egg shaped weight. Getting them into place so that you can wear them can seem intimidating at first.

Fortunately, learning how to insert Kegel Balls is a pretty straightforward task. There are just a few variations depending on the type of balls you own. The key to a good experience is to get the balls inserted with little to no discomfort.

The company that makes your Kegel eggs is in the best position to provide you with precise instructions. Take time to read the inserts to learn any tips that apply to your weighted or vibrating Kegel balls. If your Kegel eggs do not come with instructions, you've likely searched online “How to Insert Kegel Balls” and lucky for you, you've stumbled upon the right place!

Here is a video demonstration and step by step instructions on how to use Kegel Balls:

How to Insert Kegel Balls:

  1. Lay down on the bed.
  2. Bend one knee upward but rest your foot on the bed.
  3. Hold a ball with your index finger & thumb.
  4. Spreed your labia with your other hand.
  5. Insert the ball into the vagina.
  6. Push it deeper with 1 finger.
  7. Repeat the process with the remaining ball.
  8. Stand up, walk around and tighten your muscles to hold them in (vaginal exercise).
  9. Pro Tip: Use a silver bullet vibrator and give yourself an orgasm. (The vagina muscles clenching around the balls during orgasm feels awesome & super intense!)

How to Remove Kegel Balls:

  1. Stand upright.
  2. Lift 1 leg and prop it on a chair.
  3. Learn over and insert your index finger into the vagina.
  4. Hold your thumb over your perineum to catch the ball once it pops out.
  5. Bear down on your vagina (it should feel like you are pushing hard to pee).
  6. Move your index finger in a “scooping” motion to grab the ball.
  7. “Roll” it out with your finger.

Tips to Make Kegel Weights Work Better:

1. Use lube to help Insert the balls

As always, personal lubricant helps to make any sexual experience better. Wipe a couple drops on each ball before inserting them. Water based lubricant is best, silicone based lubricant tends to be too slippery and make weighted ball fall out!

Silicone or rubber weights naturally create friction with your skin and can pull pubic hairs and you push them in. Lubricant is a must have accessory for these materials.

Glass or metal exercisers glide better against the skin and can be inserted dry, but I still like to suggest women use lube regardless of the material simply because it helps it to “pop” in the vagina in a quick, easy snap.

Large weighted Kegel balls
Large weighted Kegel balls

2. Relax your vagina muscles

Don’t forget to breathe, or you might tense up. Focus your mind on deliberately relaxing the muscles as you push them in one at a time. It's natural instinct to tense the vaginal muscles, so make sure to focus on keeping your body relaxed while inserting (and removing) them.

Relaxing the vagina is especially important when removing Kegel eggs. If you keep the muscles right, it will be more difficult to remove them since the clenching muscles naturally pulls the ball upwards.

3. Practice to help get used to the weight

Once they are in, try to hold the balls inside you. Use your leg muscles. Try doing some Kegel egg exercises, the longer you can hold them in, the better chances you have at eliminating incontinence, especially after childbirth.

At first, you may be able to sit up or move around. If you have to remain laying down at first, that’s perfectly fine. Eventually, many women are able to keep them inserted while moving around through their normal daily routines. Some even master inserting them while standing.

How do Kegel Balls Work?

If you read up on Kegel exercise balls, you may learn that there are women who claim to wear their balls in public. In many cases this may be true. Although, some of these accounts may be exercises in erotic fiction. Wearing them for long periods of time can help with incontinence as the muscles in the pelvic area all work in unison to hold them in.

If you want to try this, please spend plenty of time practicing in the comfort of your own home. The last thing you want is a mortifying ‘oops moment’ accompanied by a loud clang in the middle of your local grocery store.

Glass or metal balls are slick, and you may have trouble keeping them in place at first. Consider starting with silicone or plastic balls unless you have very good muscle control. Too much lube can also be a problem. Experiment with the amount you use. You want enough to make insertion comfortable, but so much that you cannot keep them in.

Vibrating Kegel balls are excellent for sexual arousal. Stimulate your clitoris while wearing them to enjoy a super strong, mega intense orgasm. It's a secret personal pleasure tip of the pros! Enhance pleasure by rubbing in a clitoral arousal gel. The light tingle has a huge impact on your sexual arousal.

Wash them in a simple solution of warm, soapy water before and after you use them. If they are attached to one another, disconnect them if that’s possible. Clean around the connections. You’ll find that it’s easiest to clean detached glass or metal balls.

If you have some trouble getting them back out, don’t panic. They truly cannot get lost. The balls won’t go past your cervix. Gravity always pushes them downward so you can pick them out with your fingers. Just add a bit more lube, and move around for a while. You can also bear down a bit (push your vaginal muscles down). They will always come out!

What do Kegel Balls Do?

To have the best possible experience, you need to establish realistic expectations. Know what you are getting into, so that you understand what results you should expect and the benefits associated with wearing them regularly.

Silicone ball with retrieval ring
Silicone ball with retrieval ring

First, consider reading some online reviews. You’ll notice that user feedback varies widely. This can almost entirely be attributed to people simply having wrong expectations.

Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t bad products out there. That isn’t the case at all. Still, if someone is expecting a constant stream of intense orgasms, that’s not really what this product is for. Instead, by using Kegel balls, you are exercising the muscles that help you to enjoy better sexual experiences later. Of course, the mild sexual pleasure you experience while they are inserted is nice too.

How do Kegel Balls work to increase sexual pleasure?It is possible for many people to enjoy orgasms while they use Kegel balls. To do this, you’ll have to put forth a little more effort. Try using a vibrator that stimulates the clitoris while also holding the balls in place. Some women use them to enhance anal sex.

It doesn’t hurt to have the right equipment either. Vibrating Kegel balls can intensify your experience quite nicely. You or your partner can also gently tug on connected Kegel Balls to intensity your experience.

What are Kegel balls used for? Weighted Kegel balls are truly unique. They can bring sexual pleasure when used the right way. Even better, you can use them to enhance your sexual experiences in the future. There’s a reason this ancient tool has been popular among women for centuries.

Many women think they are just to tighten vaginal muscles, but they are also excellent sex toys for women's sexual arousal and to intensity orgasms from clitoral stimulation.

How to Use Kegel Weights For Vaginal Strength And Tightness

First, some good news! In spite of what some very clueless people have said on social media, you won’t lose vaginal elasticity, when you have lots of sex. In fact, that’s good exercise. Unfortunately, you can lose strength, elasticity, and muscle control through aging, pregnancies, weight gain, and other factors.

Sadly, loss of strength and tightness can reduce sexual pleasure, even cause a loss of bladder control. Fortunately, you can take your vagina to the gym, figuratively speaking. The workout of choice is a regular schedule of Kegel exercises.

What Are Kegel Exercises for Women?

Have you ever squeezed your muscles to prevent yourself from peeing before you could make it to the bathroom? Those are the muscles you exercise when doing kegels. These are also the muscles that tend to go weak over time.

These are also called pelvic floor muscles. Think of them like a hammock of muscles that hold your bladder and lower intestines in place. Keep these muscles trained to prevent or reduce the effects of incontinence, and improve orgasms. This is the sole reason women use Kegel weights after childbirth (but not immediately after!)

Here are 6 pelvic floor exercises that are further enhanced by using Kegel weights:

Kegel exercises

How to Use Kegel Exercise Balls to Intensify Your Workouts?

Kegel balls, which are also known as Ben Wa balls can be used as weighted exercise balls for your vagina. They are two or more balls, that are usually connected together by nylon string or silicone strand.

You use them by inserting them in your vagina, and leaving the lead cord hanging out. Vibrating kegel balls not only help with pelvic floor tightening, they add erotic sensation and help you get in the mood for sex!

Dual silicone Kegel eggs
Dual silicone Kegel eggs

How to use Kegel exercise balls? While the balls are inserted, you tighten your pelvic floor muscles. The balls help you to feel the muscle contractions, and to better isolate those muscles. The weight adds additional intensity.

Many women also challenge themselves to keep their Ben Wa balls in place for longer periods of time. Also, try elevator kegels where you move your vaginal muscles as if you were trying to move the balls up an elevator.

When you are first learning to do these exercises, try laying down at first. Later, you can adjust to standing, or even walking.


Keep in mind that muscle focus is important. Many women do Kegel exercises, but inadvertently tighten their thigh or buttocks muscles instead. Here, the balls help as they give you something to focus on.

Kegel balls and eggs also come in various sizes. Choose the size that is the best fit for you. Like any other exercise, increasing the weight of the balls you use over time, helps you improve your pelvic floor fitness. Use your kegel balls daily for the best results.

Kegel Weight Precautions

Before we list the top choices for vaginal trainer balls, there are a few words of warning. First, don’t use them if you’ve just given birth. Give yourself time to heal, at least as long as you would wait to have intercourse. Also, clean them before AND after you use them.

Don’t forget the lube! Choose a lube that is the best type for the material of your sex balls. Now that you know how to use vaginal strengthening balls, here are the best Kegel balls available:

Different Types Kegel Balls & Kegel Weights

Kegel Trainer

Kegel Trainer

The first thing that you’ll notice about this type is that it looks like it belongs in a gym. It comes with 3 weighted balls with two being light and two being heavy. Use these balls in different combinations to get the workout you need. The plastic balls can be used on their own, or placed in their silicone cradle.

This is the best option for women who prefer a ball and harness setup. Here, you select two of three weighted balls to use with your Kegel trainer. This body safe option is pure silicone, and it’s phthalate free. This is one of the most popular choices of all Kegel exercise balls for sale.

Premium Weighted Ball

Weighted Kegel Trainer

These Premium Weighted Balls are made from plastic, and connected with a silicone string. This makes them quite easy to clean. In addition to this, it takes only a small amount of lube to make insertion a snap.

These dual-purpose balls are great for both exercise, and working out. Imagine your partner screaming out in pleasure after you tighten your walls around them during sex. That’s just one benefit of sticking to a kegel ball exercise routine.

Duotone Power Balls

Duotone balls

Check out the Duotone Power Balls for something quite different. Instead of working with one or two weighted balls, you work with a string of four attached balls. This brings out an entirely new set of challenges for your vaginal muscles, and it allows you to enjoy some amazing sensations as well. These balls are also silent, which makes them ideal for wearing out in public.

Crystal Kegel Eggs

Crystal Kegel Eggs

If you try these Crystal Kegel Eggs just once, you are sure to be hooked. First, a tutorial on how to use kegel eggs. These exquisite, glass, balls are egg-shaped like the name implies. In addition to this, they are unevenly weighted with the larger end being heavier.

To use, simply insert each glass orb one at a time with the narrow end facing your cervix. The counter weight and gravity will force you to work your pelvic floor muscles to keep the eggs in place.

Final Thoughts

What do Kegel balls do? Kegel exercise weights aren’t just for great sex. They are a self-care routine that helps to ensure that you maintain muscle fitness that prevent incontinence as well.

These exercises should be as much a part of your exercise regiment as lifting weights or doing cardio. Keep in mind that you don’t have to settle for weak pelvic floor muscles. These are not an unavoidable consequence of aging or pregnancy. 

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