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Weighted Dual Kegel Balls

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These heavy dual Kegel balls are ideal for keeping your pelvic floor toned & strengthened. The balls have a heavy weighted bead inside the hollow core that moves and jiggles with your movements. The resulting sensation is that of heightened sexual arousal. We can best compare the sensation to “self-vibrating”. You'll feel the jiggle while the muscles naturally flex to hold the balls in the vagina.

They are wider than a typical Ben Wa ball so they don't fall out of the vagina. If you want a good Kegel workout but are worried about a tiny ball slipping out of the body and causing embarrassment in public, choose these! The circular blunt shape will always stay in the body.

When you're ready to remove it, pull lightly on the silicone retrieval string and they will pop out. Stylish looking balls are made of plastic and cradled with a permanent black silicone creche. The balls cannot be removed from the silicone shell. Both balls remain stacked vertically so they are comfortable to have inside the vagina.

Go for a jog and notice the constant movement if the extra heavy balls inside the plastic shell, the thumping like sensation has a lower intensity feel compared to most others, so we especially appreciate it's natural ability to help a lady get in the mood for sex. Includes a black satin drawstring storage pouch.

Ball Diameter: 1 1/4 inches
Ball Length (both balls): 1 1/4 inches
Weight: 2.5 ounces / 73 grams
Material: Plastic, Silicone
Latex Free: Yes
Phthalates Free: Yes
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