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Luxe Duotone Kegel Balls

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Duotone means there is a separate heavily weighted ball jiggling freely inside the larger hollow ball. There are a couple of reasons these are the top choice for women. Firstly, they are weighted to offer a good Kegel workout for the pelvic floor muscles. Secondly, the jiggling feel of the weight inside the ball is a powerful sexual arousal tool for women.

If you have a low libido or vaginal dryness, use these balls for a couple of hours before a sexual encounter. They jiggle as you move. The more you move, the more they move! The hands free continuous movement inside the vagina excites the senses and gets you in the mood for sex. It can help the vagina produce its own natural lubrication.

Spread lube around the surface of the ball to insert easily, and when you're ready to remove them, lift a leg up and roll the balls out one by one with your index finger.

A super thin and warm velvety feeling coating over the plastic ball underneath keeps it classy at all times. The thin silicone layer is hypoallergenic, the weighted ball inside the hollow bead is body safe metal. A nice and luxurious duotone Kegel ball for women seeking stimulation and PC exercises in one!

** Important note: There are 2 sizes of duotone one Kegel balls to choose from: SMALL and MEDIUM. Each size is sold separately. Please note both sizes have the same dimensions, the only difference is the weight of the bead inside.

Luxe Duotone Kegel Balls are ranked best large Ben Wa Balls in our sex toy blog.

Ball Diameter: 1 ¼ inches
Weight (Each Ball): .8 ounces / 22 grams
Material: Plastic, silicone coating
Latex Free: Yes
Phthalates Free: Yes

Ball Diameter: 1 ¼ inches
Weight (Each Ball): 1.3 ounces / 36 grams
Material: Plastic, silicone coating
Latex Free: Yes
Phthalates Free: Yes
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