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Magnetic Hematite Balls

Using magnetic therapy to enhance circulation.

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Magnetic hematite has applications for several therapeutic properties from enhancing oxygenation of the tissue to enhancing blood circulation. The term is "Magnetic therapy". This is the first time we see alternative therapy used in a Ben Wa ball, previously a penis ring features similar stones and was only a matter of time until it reached other niches of sex toys.

Employing these therapeutic properties to Ben Wa balls, women may notice a heightened sense of sexual arousal as blood flows south encouraging her get in the mood for sex. The proper term for this man-made metal is "magnetic hematite".

These balls weigh about 58 grams each, which is considered heavy for the beginner, but enough to provide a good muscle workout. Bigger than standard Ben Wa balls; this product is ideal for ladies looking for powerful sexual arousal. How would a lady get the ball out of the vagina? Lift up a leg and roll it out with your finger.

Ball Diameter: 1 1/8 inches
Weight (Each Ball): 2.6 ounces / 75 grams (Please note the measurements on the package state 63 g)
Material: Magnetic Hematite
Latex Free: Yes
Phthalates Free: Yes

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