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Traditional Ben Wa Balls

The staple accessory needed for Kegel exercises.

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Traditional Ben Wa balls used for Kegel exercises. Originating from the orient, these balls can have a powerful effect on a woman's sex life by producing stronger orgasms. Insert them into the vagina one at a time.

They will sit very low, being cradled by your pelvic floor muscles. The muscles will naturally flex to keep the balls in thus creating a constant workout. They can be worn for several hours at a time. Many women find the pleasure during sexual intercourse is a lovely addition to the sensation of her partner's penis.

Men also report enjoying the feel of the smooth solid balls floating around the vaginal cavity during lovemaking. The balls cannot "become lost" into the uterus, they won't be able to pass the cervix and gravity will always keep them low in the vagina.

To remove the Ben Wa Balls, lift up a leg and pick the balls out one at a time with your finger. Sometimes coughing with a leg up can also help push it out. Other benefits include better bladder control by reduction of incontinence due to stronger floor pelvic muscles. These weighted balls are very small and offer excellent muscle strengthening. Includes a discreet plastic storage case with red crushed velvet lining.

Traditional Ben Wa Balls are ranked best Ben Wa Balls for kegel exercises in our sex toy blog.

Diameter: 1/2 inch
Weight (each ball): 1.9 ounces / 56 grams
Material: Metal
Latex Free: Yes
Phthalates Free: Yes

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