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Love Balls

Read within to discover an incredible style of orgasm.

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Lightweight big hollow plastic balls coated with a velvety soft rubber lining provide the exact style of vaginal fullness larger balls have been designed for. Not primarily for Kegels as they are too large to make the muscles to flex rather they are best for erotic stimulation. The feeling of a full vagina is a highly arousing sensation, some women report a heightened sense of sexual arousal and increased production of natural vaginal lubrication.

Another fun way to use these balls is to insert into the vagina then hold a bullet vibrator over the clitoris. The feeling of a clitoral orgasm while the muscles clench around the irregular positioning of the balls inside offers women one of the most original sensations, it's a very cool orgasm that feels unlike any other.

There are 2 sizes available. Please note the Small & Large choices have the same diameter, the only difference is the number of balls on the strand. Small = 2 balls. Large = 3 balls. What are you waiting for? Try this totally unique type of orgasm today!

Diameter: 1 1/4 inch
Material: Plastic, velvet rubber coating, rubber string
Latex Free: No
Phthalates Free: Yes

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