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Penis Extensions

A soft penis sleeve that slides down the shaft. Penis extensions with a filled tip add a few extra inches, and some models are padded to make the penis thicker. Also prevents premature ejaculation.

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Penis Extensions

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  • Sport Sleeve

    Sport Sleeve

    was $58.99


    YOU SAVE $11.21

    Somehow this amazing device is textured AND comfortable!
  • Adonis Extender

    Adonis Extender

    was $17.99


    YOU SAVE $3.42

    Interesting texture & squishy tip with 2 1/2 inch boost.
  • Doctor Love's Enhancer

    Doctor Love's Enhancer

    was $26.99


    YOU SAVE $5.13

    The thickest, softest & silkiest hollow tube with open tip.
  • Long Dong Extension

    Long Dong Extension

    was $29.99


    YOU SAVE $5.70

    Vibrates & adds length, floppy soft; one she'll love!
  • Big Bump Extension

    Big Bump Extension

    was $10.99


    YOU SAVE $2.09

    Silky on the outside, foamy on the inside.
  • Latex Extension

    Latex Extension

    was $7.99


    YOU SAVE $1.52

    Lighter option with more length & less width.
  • Reversible Sleeve

    Reversible Sleeve

    was $16.99


    YOU SAVE $3.23

    Masturbation aid or sexual enhancer with double texture.
  • Senso Penis Sleeve

    Senso Penis Sleeve

    was $18.99


    YOU SAVE $3.61

    Unending texture over the stretchy bumpy sleeve.

16 Item(s)

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