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Inflatable Anal Toys

The only way to experience widths beyond what's humanly possible to stick in the bum. Inflatable anal toys insert at regular size & blow up for the ultimate in pressure. Try it during masturbation.

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Inflatable Anal Toys

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  • Inflatable Anal Balloon

    Inflatable Anal Balloon

    was $22.99


    YOU SAVE $4.37

    The smallest anal toy of it's type with skinny tubing.
  • Extreme Balloon

    Extreme Balloon

    was $52.99


    YOU SAVE $10.07

    Anal probe with ridiculously strong vibration.
  • The Ram

    The Ram

    was $39.99


    YOU SAVE $7.60

    This vibrating option is a top suggestion for 1st timers.
  • Silicone Expander

    Silicone Expander

    was $36.99


    YOU SAVE $7.03

    Premium expandable anal toy for 1st timers.
  • Hefty Inflatable Probe

    Hefty Inflatable Probe

    was $27.99


    YOU SAVE $5.32

    Flexible inflating dildo offers a unique change of pace.
  • Inflatable Stud

    Inflatable Stud

    was $25.99


    YOU SAVE $4.94

    Equally expanding shaft for kinky experiments!
  • Inflating Penis

    Inflating Penis

    was $34.99


    YOU SAVE $6.65

    Best beginners slim anal probe expands evenly with air.
  • Inflatable Dildo

    Inflatable Dildo

    was $44.99


    YOU SAVE $8.55

    Out of stock

    Big inflatable cock with suction cup & balls.
  • Extreme Stretcher

    Extreme Stretcher

    was $41.99


    YOU SAVE $7.98

    A powerful and lavish addition to masturbation.
  • Inflating Explorer

    Inflating Explorer

    was $34.99


    YOU SAVE $6.65

    Blow-up butt plug to experience unheard of widths.
  • Anal Developer

    Anal Developer

    was $26.99


    YOU SAVE $5.13

    Go deep, literally! Rubber anal sex toy with latex tip.
  • Automatic Anal Fantasy

    Automatic Anal Fantasy

    was $82.99


    YOU SAVE $15.77

    The world's first automatic inflatable butt plug.
  • Inflatable Anal Probe

    Inflatable Anal Probe

    was $32.99


    YOU SAVE $6.27

    Silent vibrations keep your secret. Only the tip expands.
  • The Ram Probe

    The Ram Probe

    was $52.44


    YOU SAVE $9.96

    The longest & deepest inflating probe available.
  • Ass Blaster

    Ass Blaster

    was $43.99


    YOU SAVE $8.36

    Big monstrous inflating dildo for the daring.
  • Butt Buster

    Butt Buster

    was $49.99


    YOU SAVE $9.50

    It's all about the power - crazy vibration & a wild ride!
  • Throbbing Balloon

    Throbbing Balloon

    was $52.99


    YOU SAVE $10.07

    Evenly spaced inflatable anal toy with suction cup.
  • Pumper's Plug

    Pumper's Plug

    was $31.99


    YOU SAVE $6.08

    Spade shaped balloon offers a less intense feel.
  • Mack Inflatable

    Mack Inflatable

    was $58.99


    YOU SAVE $11.21

    The 1st blow-up vibrator with a suction cup.
  • Large Pumper's Plug

    Large Pumper's Plug

    was $33.99


    YOU SAVE $6.46

    The only silicone plug to inflate like a spade.
  • Silicone Inflatable

    Silicone Inflatable

    was $37.99


    YOU SAVE $7.22

    The first all-silicone inflatable butt plug. Latex-free.
  • Swell Guy

    Swell Guy

    was $34.99


    YOU SAVE $6.65

    Basic inflatable anal toy gets the job done.

24 Item(s)

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