Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos offer the perfect erotic fantasy by re-creating sex with a lusty lover. Ultra real feel dildos made of either Cyberskin or silicone have the softest and most realistic skin like feel of any womens sex toy. The rubber life like dildo has the most realistic appearance and a sturdy penis shaft for fast thrusting. Find your best realistic dildo in any size or color, some even vibrate for an extra boost of pleasure in the bedroom.

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  1. Super Cock Medium
    Super Cock Medium
    $26.72 $32.99 You Save $6.27

    Upgrade erotic playtime with this slick toned-down version.

  2. Super Cock Large
    Super Cock Large
    $29.96 $36.99 You Save $7.03

    A beast, amplified larger than other DJ's Super Cocks.

  3. Cloud 9 Mini
    Cloud 9 Mini
    $12.95 $15.99 You Save $3.04

    Sturdy tiny suction cup dildo perfect for 1st timers thrusting.

  4. Loverboy
    $19.43 $23.99 You Save $4.56

    Beer-can dick perfect for stocky & soft lovin'.

  5. Brock Suction Dildo
    Brock Suction Dildo
    $29.15 $35.99 You Save $6.84

    Wide, badass penis dildo with narrower head.

  6. UR3 8 Inch
    UR3 8 Inch
    $63.98 $78.99 You Save $15.01

    Elegant, warm & totally lifelike. A dream come true!

  7. UR3 10 Inch
    UR3 10 Inch
    $68.84 $84.99 You Save $16.15

    One of the most realistic dildos we've ever seen!

  8. Squirting Realistic Cock
    Squirting Realistic Cock
    $57.50 $70.99 You Save $13.49

    Tall & mighty ejaculating dildo for your vigorous fantasy.

  9. Squirting Realistic Dildo
    Squirting Realistic Dildo
    $57.50 $70.99 You Save $13.49

    Suction cup penis quirts liquid through a hole in the tip.

  10. Rex Squirting
    Rex Squirting
    $31.58 $38.99 You Save $7.41

    Rex, the big ejaculating dildo of your dreams.

  11. Squirting Penis
    Squirting Penis
    $36.44 $44.99 You Save $8.55
    Gummy soft medium dildo that ejaculates by squeezing the balls.
  12. Cyberskin Squirting
    Cyberskin Squirting
    $51.02 $62.99 You Save $11.97
    Introducing the worlds first Cyberskin ejaculating dildo!
  13. The Big Boy Penis
    The Big Boy Penis
    $35.63 $43.99 You Save $8.36

    Fat & large sex toy for daring women only!

  14. Hung
    $68.84 $84.99 You Save $16.15

    A disturbingly huge dildo for the freaks among us.

  15. Bender Dildo
    Bender Dildo
    $17.81 $21.99 You Save $4.18

    Interior spine stays at any angle for optimal reach.

  16. The Hand
    The Hand
    $35.63 $43.99 You Save $8.36

    Wins the award for creepiest & most bizarre sex toy.

  17. Tommy Gunn Cyberskin
    Tommy Gunn Cyberskin
    $48.59 $59.99 You Save $11.40

    Experience the true sensation of sex with a porn star!

  18. Exxtreme Dong
    Exxtreme Dong
    $45.35 $55.99 You Save $10.64

    If you're crazy and you know it... buy this dildo!

  19. Raging Hard On
    Raging Hard On
    $18.62 $22.99 You Save $4.37

    Huge peaks & steep valleys. Do you dare?

  20. Rocker Ball w/ Dildo
    Rocker Ball w/ Dildo
    $50.21 $61.99 You Save $11.78

    Bounce away enjoying every inch of a life like big dick.

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Items 61-80 of 110