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Hog Tie

Experience new & unique BDSM sessions.

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Tired of your lover always crawling away? Make it impossible for them to escape by hog-tying them! Keep your partner exactly where you want them with this unique hog tie system. This erotic and unique systems removes the need for bondage rope and complicated knots. If you want to experience a unique BDSM sessions but don't want to have to read a book while you are fussing with a rope, this system is the answer for you! The hog tie comes with 2 ankle cuffs and 2 wrist cuff which are connected to each other by metal clips and a central square piece. The square piece is very durable and reinforced, so your partner can pull all they want, it won't let them get out! To use: place the cuffs on your partners wrists and ankles, then one by one, gently pull their limbs back and clip the cuffs onto the central square. Voila! No more escaping and a partner who's ready for anything!

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