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Hot Rod

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This is a multi-purpose open ended penis sleeve for men. It is originally intended to be worn during sex to add thick padding to his erection intercourse, but we think it works better as a masturbation sleeve for men.

Why do we suggest this method of use instead?

Yes, of course you can wear this during intercourse (so we have included photos to show how to wear it on your erection during sex), but for petite women, it won't penetrate the vagina. It will just push down and create a squishy padding at the base of his erection.

That's not necessarily a bad thing because if you need a product to limit the length of vaginal penetration to make sex feel more comfortable, this is an excellent penis sleeve to try.

Men who want to masturbate greatly benefit from this tightly ribbed sleeve. It's tailor made for jerking off because the ridges on the top fit nicely between your fingers. The open end makes it easy to flush through soap & water when done.

The Hot Rod open end penis sleeve has a tight fit so lots of lube is definitely a must to make it easier to slide over your cock. Once in place, stroking sensations are loaded with finely ribbed texture. This extra thick jelly soft padded sleeve provides guys with an incredible feel during masturbation.

* Dildo not included.

4 1/2 inches
1 3/4 inches at the thickest point
TPR (jelly-soft rubber)
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:
Color Options:
Clear, Grey
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