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Pump Worx Automatic

Switch between battery operated and manual suction.

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The first penis pump to employ both manual and automatic suction. Includes one non-crimping hose and 2 attachments. One attachment is a standard squeeze bulb, the second attachment is a larger battery operated control unit. Push the male end into the female adapter to interchange pumping methods.

To use the battery operated portion, press the on/off switch on the handle. Gradually the motor sucks out all the air. Once erect, turn off the motor and the press button on the right side labeled "vacuum release". This penis pump includes a thick silicone penis ring to assist in maintaining the erection.

Cylinder Length: 9 inches
Interior Cylinder Diameter: 2 inches
Exterior Cylinder Diameter: 2 1/2 inches
Sleeve Type: Silicone
Batteries: 3 AA, not included

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