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Silk Rope

Follow Japanese tradition with a sensual experience.
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Follow Japanese tradition with a sensual artistic mediation-like experience. Bondage play using ropes is an ancient Japanese tradition. Now you can celebrate the tradition in a modern way with this silky bondage rope. Incredibly strong, made from silky material so it does not rip at your skin. Kinbaku translates to 'the beauty of tight binding'. The Japanese transformed the art of bondage into exactly that - it's an art. A slow process focusing on natural elements similar to meditation. The highly luxurious silk rope is perfect for this form of sensual play as it glides easily over the body. Bondage ties became popular in the Western world and is called Shibari, which translates to "to bind". The adaptation of rope into the Western lost some of it's sensual nature and become more about the process. Knowing this, take your time with the silk rope, be aware of every slithering inch and transform tying into your very own artistic creation. You can still achieve bondage tie marks without rope burn on your limbs if that's what you're looking for. If you don't want marks, just don't tie the rope too tight. It's easy to play naughty at night while being a professional around the water cooler in the office during the day. Length: 35 feet Diameter: 1/4 inches Color Options: Black, Pink, Red
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