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Trojan Extended Pleasure - 12 Pack

Numbing desensitizer inside to make sex last longer.
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If you have problems with premature ejaculation, you'll appreciate these condoms. They have a mild coating of male desensitizer spread evenly inside the interior of the condom. The benzocaine based desensitizer slightly numbs your erection and removes some of the sensations during intercourse. This helps you to last longer and not ejaculate so quickly!

The desensitizer is the same type that men buy to delay ejaculation and there is a small amount inside the condom, so you will still be able to feel the warmth and movement of sex, but it will be slightly muted. The desensitizer is only on the inside of the condom so that it doesn't numb your partner! Also features a nice layer of water base lubrication to keep it slick, although lubricating separately is always a good idea.

Nice and string just like you'd expect from the highly durable and very popular Trojan condom brand, these innovative smooth regular sized condoms are a godsend to the guy who cums too fast during sex! Trojan Extended Pleasure - 12 Pack condoms helps to reduce his sensation allowing intercourse to last longer. A condom that slows premature ejaculation seems like a very good idea to us! Comes in a 12 pack box.
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