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Trustex Flavored Condoms

3 flavors of lubricant makes blow jobs safer!

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Are you looking for a condom for oral sex? Let's be frank, the taste of latex is gross, but yet to prevent STD's it's wise to use a condom during oral sex. This is the perfect compromise between not having a bad taste and keeping yourself safe! The flavored lubricant coats the condom and reduces the latex taste and scent. The condom is a regular strength that you've come to trust from this popular brand so you can safely use it for sexual intercourse too.

We like to suggest flavored condoms for fellatio just because ti masks the usual tease, but it's application in the bedroom goes beyond that. It's a great condom to use for sex because the flavored lubricant also smells like its respective flavor. Just like the choices at an ice cream parlor, the flavors are the most popular of all, the decadent chocolate, the sweet vanilla or the luscious strawberry. Each 3-pack flavored condom comes in 1 flavor, but if you buy all the you've created you're own package!

You can also use the condom on a dildo or vibrator to enjoy a nicer scent compared to your rubbery smelly sex toy. Choose from one of 3 flavors in a 3-pack selection to make sure you always have one at hand for when the time comes to get frisky with your lover! Coated in flavored lubricant, a popular option for oral sex as blow jobs can also cause transmission of STD's. Also, good to use for vaginal penetration, offering the same protection during intercourse.

Flavor Options: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla

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