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Safe Sex Toys

Our culture is becoming aware of the dangers of toxic materials, and adult sex toys are no exception. If you're looking for body safe sex toys, consult this handy infographic with a brief history & details about the evolution of body safe sex toys. If you're wondering if sex toys are safe, rest assured we select non-toxic toys that are not dangerous to use. The most hypoallergenic non-porous options are glass sex toys & dildos.

Rubber sex toys have evolved to no longer use PVC, rather they are a high quality premium grade rubber without phthalates and other softeners that have direct link to cancers and reproductive issues. We take health seriously and are one of the luxury retail sex shops that care about our customers.

Safe Sex Toys

This is why you'll never find super cheap sex toys here, because these are often made with toxic chemicals simply because they are cheap to produce. Sure you may pay a little more for a safe sex toy, but it is best for your health in the long run.

Most sex toys and vibrators for women are being produced in pure medical grade silicone molds which is the safest sex toy of them all, completely non porous and hypoallergenic. If you are concerned with skin sensitivities, click the “silicone” filter on the category page to show only hypoallergenic sex toy options that a person with allergies can safely use.

Safe Sex Toys

Latex is one of those “old fashioned” sex toy materials that is no longer in use, but used to be very common. Latex causes allergic reactions in many people. It is also very porous and hard to sterilize, so the surface harbors bacteria even though it's been washed with soap & water. We no longer stock new latex sex toys.

Sex toy cleaner is safe to use with all toys, in fact it is recommended to use with the delicate ultra realistic skin-like silicone blends because it's less harsh than hand soap, but powerful enough to kill germs & bacteria. Pure silicone toys do not need cleaner, you can even use dish soap because the medical grade silicone is a very durable, tough material.

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