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How to Use an Under Bed Restraint System

How to Use an Under Bed Restraint System

Some people describe being restrained as one of the most erotic things they’ve ever experienced. There’s nothing quite like handing over control in such an intimate way. Under bed restraints are popular for couples enjoying intense kink play, but they are also fun for the average, ordinary couple.

If power exchange is your kink, then this is definitely something that should be on your sexual bucket list. Of course, it’s also a lot of fun to be on the other side of this situation as well. There’s just one challenge.

Rope bondage isn’t easy. It takes quite a bit of skill to tie someone up safely, and in a way that both of you can pleasure one another.

In fact, people take years to master this skill. In the meantime, how do you enjoy bondage even if you aren’t a knot tying pro? You can get started with an Under Bed Restraint System. 

Why Choose Under The Bed Restraint Systems?

That’s easy! Once you have your under the bed restraints in place, all you have to do is put the cuffs on your partner. There’s no spending hours tying the right knots, or ensuring that you’ve created a proper cinch. Just put the cuffs on, and begin playing!

There’s also the matter of discretion. These are called under the bed systems because you can literally hide the straps under the bed mattress. Then, either keep the cuffs in place, or take them off to be put away somewhere.

Finally, these systems travel quite well. Have you ever wanted to engage in a bondage session in a hotel room? Bring your system with you! It won’t take up much space, and it’s easy to set up in your temporary digs.

How to use Under the Bed Restraints

How to Set up Your Restraints

Once you have your under the bed restraint system, you’ll want to get it installed as soon as possible. Start by measuring your bed. Then, adjust your straps according to the width.

Once your main connector strap is in place, you can connect the four restraint straps. Of course, you can leave off straps if you only intend to restrain either the wrists or ankles, but not both.

You will take the straps over the top of your mattress. This is when you will connect the cuffs. When it’s time to engage in BDSM play, the person being restrained will lie in place, and stretch out to be cuffed.

Before you start, please be sure the restrained partner moves around, and tests the restraint. It is so important that they are safe and comfortable. Once they are in place, then it's time to put on theBDSM collar & handcuffs if you are using them.

Here’s something to consider. You may love the idea of fighting against tight restraints, even feeling a bit of pain. However, you have to balance this with safety. The last thing anyone wants is an accidental injury, or to have fun sex turned into something uncomfortable.

How to use Under the Bed Restraints

How to Play With Your Under The Bed Restraints

Now it’s time to enjoy some fun. Your system is in place, and you can start exploring. We’ve got a few great ideas for safe, kinky play.

Heighten Sensory Experience With a Blindfold

Loss of control is one of the key turn-ons for people who like to be restrained. Take this to new levels with a blindfold. They’ll be hornier than ever as they try to anticipate your next move. A ball gag adds to the sensory appeal by upping the kink factor big time.

Will it be intense pleasure, or intensely pleasurable pain? Some doms choose to work in silence to add to the sense of suspense.

Engage in Sensual Teasing

This isn’t all about BDSM whips and chains. Create an amazing sexual experience by using sensual touch. Try light massage, ticklers, even your breath to keep them surprised and delighted. A sex whip can be used for both pleasure and punishment. Try a sex whip with a silicone flogger or feather tickler.

Add in a bit of warming lube for added sensuality. Some people even engage in temperature play with ice cubes or hot wax. Just be sure to choose a wax that’s made for sex.

Under the Bed Restraints with straps

Bring Out The Sex Toys

Of course, whips and chains are fun too. So are vibrators, dildos, and strap-ons. Just talk to your partner beforehand to set limitations, and expectations. What does the person being restrained want from the experience?

Some love being restrained because it allows them to experience being spanked or flogged without being able to escape. Add to the intensity of the experience with nipple clamps or a butt plug.

Others want to be teased closer and closer to orgasm until their partner finally relents and allows them to get off. This could be the perfect scenario for a remote control vibrator. Need a few suggestions? Buy sex toys from an adult toy website for some more erotic and fun ideas!

Any Alternatives to Under Bed Restraints?

Absolutely! If you love to be tied up, you have plenty of options. There’s the hog tie, which not only looks sexy as hell, but also keeps your partner just where you want them. Grab your top bondage gear for starters.

Keep their arms in the air, and out of your way with door restraints. Even erotic handcuffs can allow you to stay in control while you work to give your partner an amazing experience.

At some point, you may feel ready to graduate to silk ropes or bondage tape. That’s an important step as you explore your bondage fantasies. If so, start with silk rope, take things slowly, and be sure you learn about safe shibari practices.


There are so many things you can do when you engage in bondage play. Under bed restraints allow you to explore this safely and easily. Keep an open mind when you begin, and before long you and your lover will find your rhythm.

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