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Red Lace Halter Dress

Detailed, stretchy & sexy red lace dress.

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Intricate detail across a stunningly sexy red lace halter dress looks highly sexy for little money! There is something magical about the color red. It ignites a passionate response, there is nothing more stunning than a lady dancing provocatively in a sexy red lace halter dress!

Even though it covers the body well, the fabric is sheer and netted providing a see-through look. Giving your lover a sneak peek of what's behind the dress keeps him interested! The fabric is stretchy too so that even the curvy gals can wear this and look & feel sexy. The high skirt has a lace trim bottom that adds a nice finishing touch to the fabric above.

The low cut back is a nice contrast to the deep cut high top. Overlay of floral pattern over top of the red mesh gives the lace halter dress feminine and sweet appeal. Only you will know the realm of kinky sex goddess hiding within!

Panties not included. Bust: 32"- 38" Hips: 34" - 40"

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