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Sex Around the House

Leave the mattress behind & explore the rest of the house.

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An adult board game with a self-explanatory name. Taking ordinary sex out of the bedroom, this game allows you to try new places all around your home. Transforms everywhere into a sex palace because it's very fun to leave the trusty old mattress and become more adventurous! Players move their game pieces through the house on the game board.

Once in a room, the player chooses a card from the pile. Read the card aloud to your partner, then lead them away into the REAL corresponding room in your house to fulfill the sexual activity. Fun and active, this one is very original and a keeper! Actually a fun game for adventurous couples it's technically not "sex" in each room (that would end the game too quickly!) rather there are silly things to do in various rooms from light teasing to heavy petting, activities that make it fun but prevent your man from loosing his load and calling it quits right away.

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