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Cinch Adjustable Penis Ring Vibrator

Perfect couples toy for lovemaking or solo male masturbation.

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The perfect adjustable vibrating cinch ring spices up your sex life! We think this is a must-have for couples. The ring feels super silky & soft. Pull the plastic tabs on the sides to tighten to your desired fit. The plastic tips tap & tickle both partners for an added sensation. The tiny vibrator hums quietly in a super cool high pitch tingle.

The ring can be worn in different ways: Place the ring over the shaft and pull to tighten. Place the vibrator on the top side of the shaft for clitoral stimulation - OR Place the vibrator on the bottom side of the shaft for an erotic tickle down below.

Another way to wear is to loosen the tabs wide and slip the ring over the scrotum and penis together. Tighten to keep in place. The vibration behind the testicles and the plastic tips that tickle his legs combine to enhance his sexual stimulation. We think this is a good way ring to wear while he's masturbating solo. Cinch Adjustable Penis Ring Vibrator provides great sexual enhancement for his private time and is a fun device for couples!

Diameter: n/a - fully adjustable
Batteries: 2 cells, included
Motor: Single Speed
Material: Silicone ring, Plastic tips & vibrator
Latex Free: Yes
Phthalates Free: Yes
Waterproof: No
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