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A Little Lovin'

Couples card game: collect points by doing tasks.

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This sensual card game for couples bridges the gap between male & female sexual needs. Combining both romance and sexual activity, this game requires each player to collect points by accomplishing 1 of the 4 tasks listed on each card. In summary, a player chooses an activity to gain points. A risque the task has a higher point value. Not too much larger than a deck of playing cards, this portable game for lovers is easy to sneak away in your luggage before a romantic weekend trip or honeymoon. It's a good game to follow and one that can be played over and over. Some of the cards have explicit tasks, but the player can choose to discard and select another, so you'll never be forced to do something you don't feel comfortable doing. Includes: 104 playing cards, rules, and complete instructions.

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